1. Very good video. Too bad its so short.

  2. Oh Ya!!!
    You’ve gotta cover this!
    The video sent chills down my spine. I just love those warbirds. Watching these kind of events inspires a lot of us to hone our skills and build a really true scale model. I know it does it for me. Too bad it’s ‘across the pond’, or I’d be there to see it first hand.
    Yet another item in my bucket list. 🙂


  3. Wow!!! I think Model Airplane News needs to at least provide links to these sorts of events. The “warm-up” video made my skin tingle. That was cool.

  4. Yes, it’s a must cover event!

  5. Chills and Tingling skin…YOUBETCHA!

  6. Great video with the exception of that pathetic music. I’d much rather hear the engines any day. That’s what airshows are about, if I wanted music, I’d go to a concert.

  7. Trip to England anyone??????????

  8. It is a wonderful video, but would have been SO much better without the music. The motors is what, I am sure, most of us really would like to hear!

  9. See you there, the first pint’s on me!!.

  10. awesome visuals but the music was grating.

  11. We were fortunate to attend this event several years ago. The museums on the base are great and the air show is spectular. There also is an American WWII cemetary a short distance out of Cambridge. Rent a car, remember to drive on the wrong side of the road, and go. It is very impressive and well worth the effort.

  12. Coverage? Absolutely! EAA puts on a fantastic air show, and this looks to be excellent, and then some..

    Great video!

  13. Walking on Sunshine. No reason to go there, produce a DVD with highlihted version. Lets be practicle.

  14. Definetly one of the best WOW”s. Keep it UP!!!

  15. Kirk and Gordon, agree entirely. I was there in 2010 and as five Spitfires flew overhead, even the commentators referred to the Spitfire Symphony. Four Merlins and a Griffon—it still gives me goosebumps thinking about it. If anybody goes, you are allowed to walk the flight line, i.e. getup close and personal with the aircraft, for a certain period of the morning.

    Go there—and pay the extra—before looking at anything else.

  16. Awesome. Lots of planes.

  17. Ron .E.

    I agree with Kirk and Gordon, and yes Model Airplane News should send a vidio crew .

  18. Anyone with a passion for Warbirds should try and attend at least once.
    My wife and I used to attend each year, in 2000 there was a 23 Spitfire flyover to mark the Battle of Britain’s 60th anniversary…no music was necessary…

  19. If you liked that, you would also love attending the WWII “Warbirds Over the Beach” event in Virginia Beach, Virginia 18-20 May, 2012. http://www.militaryaviationmuseum.org/airshows/warbirds-over-the-beach-show-may-2012

    We don’t have as good as video, but we have all the same airplanes flying!

  20. Those model pilots look so real 😀

  21. I was lucky enough to visit Duxford in ’89. It’s an amazing place, even if there’s no airshow. The RAF likes to buzz the field throughout the day, and a Chipmunk pilot was doing aerobatics over the field. Go see it!

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