1. Has Tyler experienced flying the same planes but with FPV digital gear? I can’t go back and if he does I want to fly in formation with, better yet the Black Star team I would love to fly with all of you, I’m a USAF disabled vet and this allows me to live again

  2. Great Video! My compliments & respect to ya’ll!

  3. That was awesome. You never get the opportunity to see so many beautiful models flown back to back in a video clip without interruptions.
    I was pleasantly surprised to see the creative genius Teyler Perry at the controls , brother has some skills.
    I too am a RC hobbiest and fly scale gliders and enjoy modifying most of my planes.
    Most of my time is spent designing and building Guitars my real passion.

  4. Great to see the line-up and flying them all. The Emirates A380 flies over my house every afternoon just after 5:15 at about 240 meters (700 feet). Beautifull to watch.

  5. I saw the full video of his planes and the huge hangar they are in. His builder is a great RC designer and then again look at his equipment we will never have anything like that. It’s all good. Having your own flying field… are you a member as we are of the “AMA”? I did not see any warbirds in the hanger.. hey I don’t have any airliners in my lineup. All in all it is great to see him in our hobby. If [you] ever come to Colorado, stop by and let’s fly my email is we-fly50@hotmail.com

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