FlyRite RC™ 27MHz 4Ch Buddy-Box Radio System

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This specially priced Buddy-Box radio system has the same look and feel of our professional SkyCommander system but instead operates on the 27MHz bandwidth without the advanced alarm, ATV and mixing features. This system also differs in that only the Instructor’s controller box is an active transmitter. The student controller box is simply a passive input device, with integrated trainer patch cord that plugs into the back panel of the Instructor’s console and does not use batteries. This system is the ideal fit for practical, reliable and economical Intro-to-Flight training needs.


FlyRiteRC™ 27MHz 4Ch Buddy Box System Features


4-Channels – Supports aircraft with all four standard controls: Elevator,Aileron,Throttle, and Rudder.


Training/Buddy-Box Use- The most recognized and successful training happens only with the partnership of an experienced pilot and the eager student using two controllers joined by a training cord. This Buddy-Box mode of operation allows the trainer to instantly recover control of the aircraft when the student is in trouble. Newcomers are far more likely to try flying this way, and the trainer is also more likely to allow newcomers to fly his/her aircraft.


Uses common AA Alkaline or Rechargeables- Ever forget to charge your transmitter just before you need it and dread waiting the usual 8-16 hours for recharging? Or perhaps you are responsible for organizing an RC event and don’t know if your battery will last? Don’t underestimate the value of a radio that uses the most readily available battery type in the world. You can find AA alkalines almost anywhere and you can use advanced 1 hour chargers with AA rechargeables for long events. AAs are also the most cost effective battery type so you can afford to always carry back-ups.

Ergonomically Designed for hand sizes young to adult. Youngsters need all the help they can get while learning to fly and they won’t fly well if they can’t hold the controller comfortably.


Servo Reversing Switches- allows the direction of servo travel to be reversed which varies from model to model. Reversing switches for each of the four channels are located in the battery compartment.


Control Range Exceeds Visual Range- Unless you’re flying giant scale aircraft, you won’t need to be concerned with the control range limitation of 2600 ft (800m) which extends well beyond your visual range.




4 Channels – FM 27MHz


Wide Transmitter Compatibility- compatible with Futaba, JR, HiTec, GWS and likely with many other PPM negative shift transmitters (always perform range checks first) 


Buddy Box System Includes:


  • FlyRiteRC 27MHz FM 4Ch Transmitter with Student Control Unit
  • FlyRite RC 27MHz FM 4Ch Mini Receiver
  • Frequency Flag
  • Instruction Manual 

Manufactured by AeroHobby Inc

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Price: $59.95 

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 3:51 PM
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