Free French SBD Dauntless – 136-inch-span model [VIDEO]

Free French SBD Dauntless – 136-inch-span model [VIDEO]

This SBD Dauntless flown by Uli Richter sports an unusual scheme: that of the WW II French Armee de l’Air. In 1944, after the German invasion of France, the Free French Air Force (government in exile) received about 80 SBD-5s and A-24Bs from the United States in 1944. This 44-pound model bears the scheme of the most combat-experienced of the Banshee units, the GC 1/18 Vendee, which flew A-24Bs in support of Allied forces. Powered by a Moki 250cc gas engine, this 136-inch-span model can really put on some speed! Thanks to Pete and Dean Coxon for taking this video at the Willis Warbirds event at Fullers Hill Farm in Cambridgeshire, the UK.


  1. Very nice model! 44 pounds for that large a model is light! Very good building skills. tbobborap1 makes a great video!

  2. Very nice model, but there is no way that’s a Moki 250 under the hood… that’s a two stroke.

  3. Scale flight would be much slower. SBD = Slow But Deadly

  4. Nice model – but zero points for scale flying of a Dauntless ..

  5. Wheels are on backwards. Nice plane though

  6. Beautiful aircraft, looks and performance are excellent as well as attention to detail.

  7. The discription is wrong.
    The plane is build and flown by me and powered by a Zg 80

    Regards Henning Schlömer

  8. Great flyer and well flown. Great videography. Fun to see the unusual markings and and squadron assignation. My heart was in my throat though on those low-level, high-speed passes. In fact I was worried about the prop tips from the time the crew trundled the plane to the flightline (ask Pappy Gabreski about that one)!

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