Frenzy 90 Flight Tests

Frenzy 90 Flight Tests

Initial flight testing of the Frenzy 90 was delayed because of my attending IRCHA, obtaining some support equipment and bad weather here in Florida. However, I was able to get out to the flying field yesterday for some initial flights, and I’m very impressed.

I used RotorRage 30% Master’s Blend fuel in the OS 90 HZ-R engine, and it started with just a few turns of the starter. Initial needle settings recommended in the OS instruction manual proved to be right on, and the engine idled nicely and ran with a rich two-cycle in flight.  I’ll run it slightly rich, with a head temp no higher than 175 degrees, for a few flights to break in the ring.

Initial setup parameters on collective pitch and cyclic throws seem to be fine for now, but it will take a little getting used this big helicopter. I’m used to flying the 50 size machines, and this seems like going from a bicycle to a motorcycle, with so much more power in the OS engine and the larger disk area. However, it does have a great presence in flight, as you can see from the photo, and maneuvers very quickly to my slightest command. Give me a few more days of good weather and I’ll be able to report on it’s full aerobatic capabilities.

Updated: August 31, 2011 — 4:48 AM


  1. I was wondering what is a good sized RC helicopter to start with after playing around with the tiny palm sized ones? The one in this article looks HUGE and expensive.

    1. After you’ve mastered fixed-pitch flight, the Blade SR is a good option. It’s a collective pitch, RTF, that is stable and can be set up for aerobatics as your skills progress.

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