From Triumph to Tragedy

From Triumph to Tragedy
MAN contributor Chris Wolfe, aka the “RC Geek” on YouTube, takes us on an emotional ride with his brand new B-58 Hustler. From the title, you can probably guess what happens on the maiden flight. But watch to the end to see how Chris tries to figure out what exactly went wrong. We’ve all been there!
Updated: August 13, 2023 — 11:39 AM


  1. Sorry so sorry! I think along with everything you said
    I think the airplane stalled and once that happened
    My opinion a stall spin in that type of airplane with
    a Delta wing…. The spin was pretty much unrecoverable.
    I’m sure you know in full scale planes in a spin
    One wing is stalled and the other one is flying.
    In recovery “no ailerons” opposite rudder only..

    Blue Skies

  2. Such a same to lose a beautiful aircraft like that. So sorry.

  3. Really sorry to see that. If you’ve been in the hobby long enough like I have we can all relate. Sickening feeling when you no longer have control and all you can do is watch the fall to her inevitable demise. Chris is a great ambassador to the hobby, I am sure he will rebound!

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