Video Tips: Installing a Fuel Tank

Video Tips: Installing a Fuel Tank

If you are building a glow powered airplane for the first time, you will want to pay attention to the fuel tank assembly and installation. For your model to have a reliable fuel system, the tank, hardware and fuel lines have to be properly installed. Here’s a workshop video tip to show how it’s done.

Tech Tip: While tightening the fuel stopper to seal the tank, use a long, thin screw driver that matches the tightening screw in the center of the stopper. You should moderately tighten the screw, over tightening it can cause it to not seal properly. You can blow into one of the fuel lines while pinching off the other one to pressurize the tank. Listen for any escaping air that would indicate the tank is not properly sealed.


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  1. I filter my fuel 2 times before it is put in the tank. Therefore i don’t add a filter inline to the carburetor. I have had issues with a onboard fuel filter.
    Remember things you leave on the ground can’t fail/break inflight!

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