Full-size heli saves RC plane

Full-size heli saves RC plane

Not only is this video fun to watch, it will make you feel good about humanity as well. In it, a pilot in a full-size helicopter saves an Hangar 9 P-51. Thanks to Failz4fun for posting it and to contributor Rich Uravitch for bringing it to our attention. (Note: this video contains language inappropriate for children.)

Updated: August 15, 2013 — 10:29 AM


  1. Every R/C club needs a Heli and pilot for Search and Rescue .

    Except for the language , a great video and story .

  2. I needed something to smile about, thanks.

  3. Gotta love it. Potty mouth on the pilot, but his heart is in the right place.

  4. That looked so cool… Yet so dangerous!!!

  5. Get over the potty mount PLEASE… Real life baby Real life! Great job Heli pilot!

  6. Restores my faith in people…big atta boy!

  7. That was amazing and a fine display of compassion for another individual. Pass on the “potty mouth” for the pilot. I am no one to judge. I drop a few F bombs myself.

  8. Absolutely MAGNIFICENT! I wish those guys were around when my Piper Cub decided to perch in the top of the oak tree….

  9. Great story and great guys for helping out like that. We should all be so kind on a daily basis….

  10. Fun video, but how do you know it’s a Hangar 9? Other companies make the red tail mustang too. Are you guys paid to mention a Horizon product as often as possible? It sure seems that way.

    1. The logo on the wing gave it away. 🙂

    2. You can see the “H9” on the side of the fuse and you can also see the Evolution engine in it 😉

  11. Like the potty mouth pilot said “you know these guys are trippin right now!”

    Good stuff! Thanks for sharing

  12. I think it was great but my 4 year old learned a new word please warn me next time

    1. So, “(Note: this video contains language inappropriate for children.)” wasn’t enough of a clue for you??

  13. A great experience to watch. That pilot had to be good. A very thoughtful thing to do. Congrats

  14. The pilot mentions that he runs a helicopter company. Anyone know which? He should get some business out of this!

  15. Great story. As a full-scale pilot and RC pilot, I appreciated what this guy did.

  16. I kept waiting for the rotor downwash to blow it out of the tree.
    Obviously, that didn’t happen. Great job, and good PR.

  17. Now that the kid was hoping that his father would buy him a brand new jet, the dream was shatered by the chopper pilot .

    Lame video :-))

  18. That was so awsome, hey the language was real life, ever been in the milatery. Those guys were great;

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