Futaba GY430 Gyro

Futaba GY430 Gyro

The new Futaba GY430 single axis helicopter gyro is one of the smallest and lightest (3.5g) gyros available.  It uses a trimmer that limits servo travel or gain adjustment, although gain can be adjusted from the transmitter using the remote gain function.  Dip switches select gyro direction and mode (heading hold or normal), while information is displayed clearly with green and red LEDs, and they’re all S.Bus and S.Bus2 capable.

Besides the helicopter gyro, the GY430 is also available for the following applications.

GYA430 Aircraft Single Servo Gyro (Controls elevator or rudder functions, great for aerobatics and scale models.)

GYA431 Aircraft Dual Servo Gyro (For dual aileron or dual elevator control, with analog or digital servos.)

GYC430 Car Drift Gyro (to help control steering on drift cars.)

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 3:45 PM
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