Futaba GY701 Gyro & Governor Combination

Futaba GY701 Gyro & Governor Combination













Futaba helicopter pilot Bobby Watts says that the 701 “outperformed any governor” he’s ever used! The governor and gyro are combined so that there are only two parts: the senor and the amp comtrol box. Bobby also notes that it give the heli improved mid-range performance and more power during hard manuevers. It also has a slightly less sensitive sensor than the 520, so it’s even easier to fly with.It costs $270.



>Utilizes MEMS (Micro ElectroMechanical System) technology to ensure ultra high-speed processing

> S.Bus capable, a single cable connection to receiver

> Internal mixing through S.Bus for no latency or tail offset

> Sensor has aluminum alloy case and 2-color mode indicator LED

>3D and F3C mode selectable                     

> Organic Light Emitting Display (OLED) 128 x 36 dot
graphical display f
or easy outdoor viewing in bright sunlight

> Advanced PID control algorithm and consistent pirouette rate and yaw control

> Mode selectable for governor or rev limiter

> Easy for anyone to program with both Basic and Expert menus

> Updatable firmware and software using the CIU-2 PC Interface (not included)

> Clutch mounted sensor or optional backplate mount for OS .91, .55 and .50 size engines

> Compatible with analog or digital servos


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