Gentle Giant: DH 82 Tiger Moth

Gentle Giant: DH 82 Tiger Moth

Pilot Gerhard Reinsch expertly puts this nearly 1/3-scale bipe through its paces in this great video. The 10.47-foot-span model weighs 44 pounds and is powered by a Valach 120 4-stroke. Check out those scale details! Designed by Paolo Severin, the plane has a welded steel tube frame with scale ribs. Gorgeous inside and out! Thanks to Pete and Dean Coxon for filming this beauty at the Willis Warbirds Fighter Meet in Cambridge, UK.

Updated: August 11, 2015 — 3:59 PM


  1. Nice bird!! And it’s not overly big either. Looks like a smooth flying rig, awesome job. I’m just always baffled when people hand flip gassers with their hands closer to the center hub. I always use an open hand and only my 4 finger rest on the face of the prop at the very edge. This way if it starts earlier than expected my fingers/hand won’t get chewed up since my fingers simply roll of the edge of the prop.
    I’m all about Saftey, seen far to many people get bit by props and one guy got chewed up from the finger tips to his elbow, not a pretty site.

  2. Debra, great coverage of outstanding built and flown Tigermouth, and great video. I would really like to see a construction article in MAN if builder and your magazine is ok with this request. I started modeling at 9 years old and now at 68 still enjoy this great hobby. Always have been MAN fan, could not wait until the mailman brought by copy. Thanks again, Don.

    1. On my website a preview of construction and other details

  3. beautiful plane and sound but there is always some …on the flight line revving his engine rather than listening to a great sound.

  4. absolutely great flying plane! that was some great footage too! i must say he is a great pilot to pull off those stunts on a windy day and then bring her in just as sweet as can be. thanks a lot for sharing that.

  5. More information on my website

  6. No pilot figure, which turns what is otherwise a nice scale replica into a flying toy. Shame.

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