Model Airplane News: Get Your $5 Refund from the FAA!

Model Airplane News: Get Your $5 Refund from the FAA!

Now that pilots of radio-control aircraft no longer have to register with the FAA, those of you who did register can delete your registration and receive a refund of your $5 fee. According to the FAA website, “If you are an owner operating exclusively in compliance with section 336 and you wish to delete your registration and receive a refund of your registration fee, you may do so by accessing a registration deletion and self-certification form (PDF) and mailing it to the FAA at the address designated on the form.”

This is only for hobby pilots; if you are a commercial drone pilot you still need to be registered with the FAA.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW & DOWNLOAD THE PDF TO SEND IN:FAA_Registration_Deletion_and_Refund_Form_Instructions


  1. Lol…quick to grab yer money(email/CC etc)… but slooow to dole it out (snail mail , download form etc…

    1. Yes, Like as a Canadian I’m going to fill out the form and then hope they can do an international bank transfer. Better I paid then they get my bank info also!!! Typical bureaucracy!!!

  2. GOOD NEWS!!!

    As weird as it can be and on the wrong way to your example, Brazil started requiring this. Hope we can act like you guys did!

  3. The more something is regulated, the less of it you will have.

    With all of the technological improvements in model airplanes our hobby should be expanding, but as you know, the hobby continues to struggle. This action will be a big help to encourage people to put down their iPhones, and go out into the real world.

    Fortunately today, we have the AMA and our local club that provide simple, reasonable rules and guidelines for the safe enjoyment of our hobby. People working in voluntary cooperation with each other in a friendly and neighborly manner makes our hobby easier, safer, and more fun!

    1. Although the AMA and the clubs rules are few and usually revolve around safety and common sense, there are those that will be darned if someone will tell them what to do. These are the same people that will use their cell phone during a movie and if you say something, they say they paid for their phone so they will use it where and how they want. The same people who think it is OK to drive through your neighborhood at any speed they want but expect you to drive slowly and safely through theirs. The same people who think many laws are stupid and then when they hurt or kill someone because they don’t want to follow rules think mumbling “sorry” is sufficient. The club I used to belong to has to allow the public to use the club field because it is in a public park. The club maintains the field, but is not allowed exclusive use of it except for events that a permit has been pulled for. The City only mows the laws, provide a bathroom, and picks up the trash. The club made all of the improvements. Unfortunately, Joe Public can bring any type of aircraft and attempt to fly it there with no training, AMA membership, or even follow the few rules the City has posted. The only recourse is to call the cops or the park rangers and by the time either of them get there (if they respond at all) the moron is gone. The clubs that do have private fields are usually located in inconvenient areas, are usually small, limit the types of aircraft that can be flown, or have long wait times to fly because their are many people there. It always seems that it only takes a few (many times just one person) people to ruin a hobby. I got tired of donating my free time to making the field a better place only to see it damaged every weekend by the public who though the City provided everything or to hear the members complain and then give their opinions on how we should have done things. The treatment from the club members was the worst. I was a club officer for a few years and got sick and have not been back to the club in over 4 years and not one person called to see if I was OK. One person called me but it was to drum up votes to oust someone and not to check up on me. No more will I give away my precious time to those that don’t appreciate it.

  4. If it will help the FAA understand that model aircraft pilots are not all criminals that need to be registered to keep the world safe from their nefarious activities (whew!) the FAA can keep my $5.

    Signed, a law abiding citizen with a great hobby.

    1. Marty: I know how you feel, but I am getting my refund because I ask myself this; Why waste the $5, since this government will just squander it on lavious lobster dinners, steak dinners, etc. They have demonstrated this very well as proven in past decades. The $5 in your pocket could help you buy something for your hobby. Thinking, well at least it will go to a good cause and help a Hobby Shop stay in business, whether it be a mail order one or a physical business. Please do not let this government have any more money than necessary. After all, this is part of the reason we now have AMA costing $75 a year as the FAA has cost us plenty in FAA representation. What a slap in our modeling faces.

    2. I feel much the same way. The FAA has a daunting task, as almost everyday now I people with no knowledge of the restrictions flying FPV “Best Buy” drones. I will always stop and talk to them and over 90% are clueless, flying up high beyond sight within 5 miles of airports. I have spent thousands of times more than $5 on the hobby, it baffles me why people get so angry about this. Get angry at all the dumb drone “flyers”, its FPV that is the problem.

  5. I was just getting ready to register with the FAA when the bulletin came out that it was no longer required,, The $5.00 refund is petty per registrant & had I registered, I would have indicated for the refund be donated back to the AMA for their efforts on this issue,, Perhaps those who did register may pick up on this idea & help our AMA funds with a donation,,,, “just a thought”

  6. They need my bank account info? Why can’t they send a check? I’m not worried about it…. $5 isn’t worth the amount of time to print, fill out, and send…… for what??? A cup of coffee? They have everyone’s information. Refunds should be sent out to EVERYONE !! Let the commercial guys resubmit their info, I’m sure there are less of them than there are of us…. RIDICULOUS!!

  7. I registered within the 1st month so I already got my $5 back as it was refunded at the time. I really like Berts’ Idea of sending the money people don’t want back to the AMA. Very forward thinking, the money can go into a fund so we’re ready for the next weird regulation that comes down the pike.

  8. Figures they make us mail the form in instead of making it convenient by letting us submit the form online. They can take our money easily but giving it back, they make it a little more difficult. At least we’re getting a refund!!! How about interest on my $5 – lol!

  9. Why not give the money baxk to the individual that filed and won the lawsuit against the FAA, not the AMA?

  10. I never Received my refund

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