1. Real Nice !!

  2. I have a 1/6 Neuport 24 frame hanging from my ceiling, my wife won’t let me cover it, It is beautiful!!!

  3. Real nice to see big stuff but here in Canada you can’t get a large kits you have to order them from the US I have done so balsa USA one third scale triplaneThe kit cost me in Canadian almost $900 covering cost me $400 it’s a vinyl plastic covering you can buy that here either you have to order it in from the states cost of building large here in Canada astronomical the engine I’d like to put in it is a 170 cc DLE 1400 Canadian not including glues and other materials to finish and detailing we left a little bit large but it’s just too damn expensive out here so I can just suggest that you Americans keep on posting those big birds because I like looking at them a whole bunch just my opinion

  4. Very well done! Thank you. I hope that it might urge some new blood into the sport. It’s been very discouraging to see scale competitions wane in the Northeast.

  5. This was really interesting thank you for sharing. New to building I am finding I am really liking adding some scale details to my planes. Glad to know I could compete for fun, not having a meticulously detailed scratch built airplane.

    I live in the northeast and just don’t seem to get the word about these events for whatever reason. If the events are being shared they don’t have the “Fun Scale” competition being advertised. Hope to see some more “open” or “for fun” competitions in the future.

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