Giant Cobra AH-1F!

Giant Cobra AH-1F!
We love this giant-scale Bell 209 Cobra AH-1F! This huge electric heli has a rotor size of almost 11 feet and is powered by a Electro X-Nova XTS 4535. The U.S. Army paint scheme looks great and the motor sounds terrific. Check out this the cool RC attack helicopter and expert piloting in the video!
Updated: May 22, 2023 — 1:21 PM


  1. That is a beautiful model, and very well flown. I assume that the turbine and blade sounds were from a sound system?

  2. I don’t think this is an electric heli. In the video, at about the :50 mark as the turbine is spooling up, look at the exhaust port and you can see the heat waves being generated.

  3. It must be electric based on the motor specifications

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