Giant Electric Corsair Flies!

Giant Electric Corsair Flies!

Our good friend Lee Estingoy from Castle Creations finished up his giant scale electrified CARF-Models F4U-1D Corsair and logged in his first flight on it.   Lee was happy to, as he put it, finally get this bird in the air. He goes on to say: Couldn’t have asked for a better flying plane or power system.  Weighs right at 50 lbs. Spins the 30×16 3 blade at 4,100 at full charge. Flew at about 1/2 throttle most of the time.  Consumed <3,500 mAh from the 8,300 mAh packs in a 2P setup, so used 7 Ah of the 16.6 on board for a 7 minute flight.  15 minutes is entirely possible, but a bit of a shave.  Guess I could always just download the data files to see what was really going on in there.
Sampled engine sound generator & onboard amp should arrive tomorrow. 🙂

Modified art for the forward section to be done sometime this week.

Here are some photos he sent along

 CARF-Models F4U-1D

 CARF-Models F4U-1D

 CARF-Models F4U-1D

 CARF-Models F4U-1D CARF-Models F4U-1D CARF-Models F4U-1D CARF-Models F4U-1D













Updated: July 15, 2015 — 5:04 PM


  1. I love Castle products and I fully understand the idea, but man, I just “carf’d in my lap at the sight of that paint scheme…

  2. Matt, I hear ya. I love Castle….but between the color and the lack of scheme, as well as wasting a CARF like that on Electric….I’m in pain. An electric Warbird is like a sin against humanity!

  3. Agree on the paint scheme, though I understand it, but I have to say, I love electric, quiet, quick, consistent. That said, probably needs a good SOUND SYSTEM now …

    1. Marlin, Lee has got a good sound system for it now – in fact he has the best sound system there is – the SFX7.0 by our company, Model Sounds Inc.

      David Harrison
      Model Sounds Inc.

    2. Marlin, Lee now has a good sound system – in fact the best one there is – the SFX7.0 from Model Sounds Inc.

  4. Awsome……………..

  5. I have yet to hear one of those weed eaters out there yet, that sounded like a real Pratt and Whitney!! I love my electric Warbirds! I have a hanger 9 electric corsair, I just finished a TF giant scale corsair with an 86 1/2 inch wingspan electric that weighs right at 27-28 lbs. I am using a rimfire 65cc equivalent size motor, with a 160 Castle ESC and two 5800mah six cell battery packs in series for 2s and have about 5 flights on it so far. I have only pushed it to a 4 minute flight so far. I am using a 24×12 APC electric prop, but just bought an Engel carbon fiber super silence prop 24×12 that I have not used yet. It flew great, but my knees and thumbs were shaking on landings. First time that ever happened! I guess a year and a half building was just too much to think about tumbling down the runway on landing! I have an ingenious switch and resistor set up to take care of the spark, and then plug in the big main jumper. I have a cover just behind the cowl that lifts up and allows me access to the battery and radio compartment. I did not see the number of batteries mentioned in the article,,, 12s like mine??

  6. I would really like to know some more info on the power set up! I don’t think i could get the same flying time out of mine, yet, I have less weight and should not need any more than the 5800 mah packs I am using to get 9 or 10 minutes safely. I have not down loaded the info from the esc yet. Please contact me…..

  7. More details on the power system PLEASE!

  8. I prefer the smell and mess of glow myself but why are you bashing this guy on the paint. Who cares? Paint dosnt make a plane perform. I don’t care if someone is flying a pink 1/4 scale cub. In fact it makes it unique instead of looking exactly like the other 20 warbirds at the field that all pretty much fly like bricks anyway.

  9. Josh, I guess there are many of us who love to see scale warbirds look like a scale warbird – it all about scale realism.

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