Giant F-14 Swing-Wing’s First Flight

Giant F-14 Swing-Wing’s First Flight

From our friend across the pond Tbobborap1, this video of the maiden flight of Mick Burrell’s 1/7.5-scale Grumman F-14 Tomcat is a must-see. Tbob notes that there are only two of these models in the UK and that this one is the first to fly, adding, “It was a beautiful sunny day with a reasonable right-hand crosswind but Mike did a brilliant job with her on this first flight.” We agree! Built from the Skymaster kit, this 100-inch-span model is powered by two 160 turbines (each producing 37 pounds of thrust!) and it weighs in at 54 pounds. A Futaba 18MAZ radio controls the jet’s 14 servo via a Robbe SBus power distribution system. What a plane!

Updated: July 30, 2015 — 12:50 PM


  1. Can I get one to review?

  2. Well done…a beautiful plane

  3. Fantastic model and great flight. Too bad he made it a drone. All that money and time but no pilots in the cockpit.

  4. They sure have all the runway they want ,,, nice place

  5. Incredible model! I wonder if flying it would ever be “fun”, knowing that an expensive disaster is only a “twitch” away. Even the first take-off was a bit gut wrenching to watch. But all that said, I’m glad that we have modelers willing to do this stuff….

  6. looks absolutly fab mick once again well done

  7. Very impressed.
    love the look of the Tomcat in flight
    Well done
    Hope you share more with all of us.
    How is the feeling of that plane???

    All the best
    I have my Giant Albatross L-39 to maiden this summer here in Quebec Canada.

  8. A fantastic looking plane and not bad at all for a first flight! I’m sure with time that it will fall in line and you’ll have it being as enjoyable to fly as it is to look at. I enjoy a scale plane even if it is a little difficult to handle. It is exciting to build, exciting to fly and there is always something l learn from every build. I tend to fly planes without pilots at first and if they make it back to the ground they get a pilot!
    I must say though, my favorite part of the video is the shots of the aerodrome that shows the long history of the place. Well done sir.

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