RC Model Giant Grumman Intruder

RC Model Giant Grumman Intruder

You don’t often do you see a scale A-6 at the flying field, let alone one this detailed! Scratch-built by Laurent Chaperon, this 1/5.4-scale RC Intruder has a 12-foot wingspan and is powered by a JetCat P200 turbine. Laurent scaled up a 1/72-scale Italeri plastic model to create plans for his jet, which features built-up construction and fiberglass covering. Thanks to RCScaleAirplanes for taking this great video at the Lodrino Airshow in Switzerland!


  1. Thank You for that great video and assume flying.

  2. Scale model at scale speeds. Well done Sir.

  3. Magnifique “Chappi” superbe réalisation et beau vol.

  4. WOW!!!

  5. A lot of very nice work to be proud of there, and it looks like it flies great. Something is off about the model though, the inlets appear too low, and it sits taller on the gear than it perhaps should.

  6. A beautiful model flown very well. Another great video from Horst. We had the A-6 on All of the cruises we made on the USS Saratoga. That was a great warbird.

    1. We also had it on the USS Bonn Homme Richard when I went on WESPAC cruise to Vietnam 1966.

  7. I was on the USS Saratoga in 1971 – 1972 during the Gulf of Tonkin campaign. This looks like the reel thing. Great work and great airplane!

  8. That plane is decent! Realistically flown. Great videography – love the low-angle shots on the ground. I gotta mention the beauty of the mountain backdrop.

  9. Beautiful plane. Can carry twenty eight Mk 82 (500) bombs. I’ve flown 1,000+ hours in that beast, many missions over North Vietnam. Flew with VMA 533 out of Chu Lai. This video brought back many memories.

    1. I flew it with VMA (AW) 242 out of Danang October 1966-October 1967.
      Also ended up with around 1,000 hours in it.
      Russ, do you go to Intruder Association reunions?

  10. Stunning model and magnificently flown – love the afterburner effect clearly this builder is meticulous, my kind of guy!

  11. Awesome model. Looks like the real thing in flight. Only thing is the B/N and Pilot sit at the same height, which was not the case in the real airplane.

  12. anyone here know how to contact Laurent Chaperon
    as I am interested with his A6 Intruder

  13. Nicely scratch built, I would love to get a copy of the plans if possible.

  14. Beautiful rendition of this aircraft. I was a member of VMA(AW)-224 when this paint scheme was introduced in Iwakuni Japan on our 1975/76 WestPac tour. Excellent piloting at scale speeds as well. All around great plane and video.

  15. Actually, I would love to buy this Giant A-6, but as a VA-115 Eagles, as A6-E Intruder. Also, I haven’t seen an A-6 like yours that the speed brakes open, and close, and the canopy opens and closer’s too! Can you make one for me?

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