Giant Heavy-Metal Formation Flight

Giant Heavy-Metal Formation Flight

At a recent RC fly-in in Germany, a (really) big B-17 and a giant-scale P-47 and Corsair wowed the crowd in a fantastic formation flight. Peter Pfeffer’s 1/5.6-scale scratch-built B-17 has a 19-foot wingspan and is powered by four 65cc 4-stroke engines.  Franz Franz Obenauf’s 122-inch-span, scratch-built P-47 weighs 80 pounds and is powered by a Moki 5-cylinder 400cc engine, and Willi Schachermayer’s 120-inch-span Corsair is powered by a 300cc Moki 5-cylinder engine. And in case you’re wondering, the damage to the Corsair in this video looked much more catastrophic than it was, and the plane is already repaired and ready for more flights. We thank RCScaleAirplanes for taking and sharing this great video.

Updated: October 22, 2015 — 1:51 PM


  1. Why did Willis fly/land his Corsair into the corn?
    Looked like Willis or someone else was standing in the middle of the runway.

  2. That’s a pretty novel way to harvest corn. LOL. I’ve had the same misfortune myself so I can imagine how he must have felt

  3. Most awesome! My father was a B-17 navigator so this was a real treat. Thanks so much~

  4. Outstanding video!! I did feel sorry for Corsair pilot/builder Will Schachermayer.. I’m extremely happy to hear his plane is back up and flying. My Dad was also a B-17 crewman. He was a waist gunner and togglier. We were fortunate to be able to attend the first Memphis Belle tribute several years ago and watching this enormous model of a B-17 going through its paces brought back many fond memories of that day. Thank you all for sharing this amazing video.

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