Giant Jet Puts on a Show

Giant Jet Puts on a Show

Built and painted by Phil Noel of Pinnacle Aviation, this 1/3.5-scale Tomahawk Bae Hawk 100 is decked out in Royal Canadian Air Force camouflage. Pilot and owner Steve Mills is flying for the Wings & Wheels crowd in this video using a JR 28X radio. Watch the landing for a perfect drogue chute landing! Thanks to Pete and Dean Coxon for taking and sharing this great clip.

Updated: May 8, 2018 — 10:47 AM


  1. Drag Chute…..not drogue Chute. We had drogue chutes on our B-47’s that were used in flight for cross wind stabiity. After touch down large “drag chute” was deployed to slow aircraft down.

    1. I wondered about that term! But now I’m curious about the Drogue chute. I find it hard to belive any type of chute could deployed in flight. And yet it’s used to stable the air frame of the ship in cross winds. It sounds incredably dangerious. In my view the air frame on a plane or jet just seems fragile, and even more so while in flight. Popine out drogue chutes seems like an overload on any point on the ship their attached. Was the drogue chutes required to stablize the air craft to line up the bomb sight for bombing run.

  2. Drogue is the French word for drug. Drug chute?

  3. I lived in Atlanta growing up, and remember numerous times seeing
    B47s flying over with drogue chute deployed. Those a/c were built in Marietta, just north of the city.

  4. Fantastic video and one hell’ava plane.

  5. It’s nice to see someone with a jet actually having fun and “flying” his jet and not just going in circles. Good job Phil you rock!!!!

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