Giant Junkers Ju-188

Giant Junkers Ju-188

Check out this twin warbird powered by TWO Moki 250cc engines! Franz Obenauf spent six years designing and building this unusual 1/4-scale model. The 18-foot-span aircraft sports a scale paint scheme by Franz’s fellow club member Klaus Herold. Nicely done, gentlemen! Thank you to RCScaleAirplanes for this terrific video of this impressive model’s rollout.


  1. Beautiful aircraft but no flight video? Kind of a let down.

  2. That big glasshouse of a cockpit looks very vacant without a “crew”, otherwise the whole model is a stunning example of a modeller’s art!

  3. Does it fly??????????

  4. By the size and detail at that point I’d be laying down and falling asleep cockpit some other time WOW love it

  5. Der Fuehrer would love it. It is about the most realistic scale model I have ever seen

  6. hermoso trabajo

  7. What a shame no flight video,great plane though..

  8. I hope this beautiful model fly , is a nice work

  9. There seems to be an obsession with giant models, which are getting even bigger every time I read this report.What is the point when ordinary sized models are as much fun and a hell of a lot more practical?

    1. I agree Fred, and models up to ten feet wingspan are plenty big enough.

  10. As a scale fan myself, I feel that this beautiful model has been badly let down by a lack of pilot/s.
    Why go to the bother of installing a fantastic control panel etc and then leaving out the pilot?
    This ruins the whole scale effect for me.

  11. One of the BEST SCALE I have ever seen, LOVE IT. Harry J.

  12. What can I say – or add? It’s been already noted above: That’s the most beautiful model warplane I’ve ever seen!

  13. hi friends, sorry for my english. I want to answer a few questions.
    the model is not complete, there are still some things to do.
    The Pilot an other flight Team is in Progress
    over sense or nonsens to buld large or small models can whe speak 😉
    but whe want demonstrate, that you can also build large models in Scale
    the first flight we want to do in the end of July.

    br Franz

  14. Great job you and your friends have done building and prefecting the JU 188. To have it fly like it does what a thrill Great Job. What is going to add to your project in real life during the second world war my father William F Anaka was the 406 squadron leader and Mosquito pilot in the 406 lynx squadron. My father was the first one to take down the first JU 188 it was recorded in his navigators log book along with my father telling my brothers and myself about the take down. Greg Anaka Oct 8 2018

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