Giant-Scale Alpha Jet in the Swiss Alps!

Giant-Scale Alpha Jet in the Swiss Alps!

Check out this amazing 11.5-foot-span Alpha jet powered by two Cat P400 turbines. Looks like a beautiful day in the Swiss Alps!

Updated: March 24, 2022 — 2:46 PM


  1. WOW
    What an incredible machine, what a talented Pilot, and he’s not frightened to push that machine to the limits!

  2. Cuál es el costo de esta aeronave?.. se necesita una licencia para volar está aeronave de rc.gigante.?.. hay algún vídeo de la construcción del aero modelo?..cuáles son sus especificaciones y maduras?.. cuál es la electrónica que ocupa?..

  3. Especificaciones y medidas?.. (correción de escritura del anterior mensaje).

  4. That is such an impressive model – so sophisticated in so many aspects of control, congratulations to the builders and of course the display piloting. Well done

  5. I think that’s a great plane, where did you buy those landing gear

  6. What an incredible airplane. Even more impressive is the pilot’s skill! Outstanding.

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