Giant-Scale C-160 – With Pushback RC Truck!

Giant-Scale C-160 – With Pushback RC Truck!
If you’ve ever seen an RC plane getting a tow at the field, then you know how it makes the entire flightline smile. Check out this beautiful, giant-scale C-160 getting a pushback by an RC Mercedes truck at an event in Germany late last year. Enjoy the show!
Updated: April 13, 2023 — 11:56 AM


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  1. to have the OV1 one mohawk US Army
    I like to hear from them or build me one

  2. That C-160 does not look it perform that well. For such a large aircraft, it bounced around, does fly that smooth! Or it may have been the wind but the pilot did not seem to fly it as a big aircraft.

    1. B. Chan:

      Rather than be critical of a gorgeous model airplane flying in obvious turbulent weather conditions, I applaud the building and flying skills required to make this a successful presentation. As for larger aircraft flying more smoothly, I have looked out the cabin windows on my many Boeing 747 aircraft flights and realized how easily these huge planes are tossed around by turbulent weather, especially during choppy cross-wind landings.

  3. That was pretty cool. It appears to have been flying in a fairly heavy wind. My airplanes have the same issue.

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