Giant-Scale Howard Ike Miss Chevrolet

Giant-Scale Howard Ike Miss Chevrolet

Editor’s note: Henry Haffke has been a contributor and consultant to Model Airplane News for close to 40 years and one of his most popular projects was his 40-size, 56-inch-span, Howard “Ike” DGA-5 racer Miss Chevrolet published in the April 1979 issue of Model Airplane News. Henry teamed up with expert pilot Sid Clement and competed at many scale regional and national scale meets with the Ike. It’s amazing that Henry’s original is still air worth today and can be seen regularly at the Old Rhinebeck RC Jamboree.
Henry always thought the “Ike” would make an excellent giant-scale project and he teamed up with Senior Tech Editor Gerry Yarrish to develop a 1/3-scale, 88-inch-span version. Using a mix of traditional construction and up-to-date engine and radio equipment, the giant “Ike” was born.

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  1. Looking at the info above the wingspan is given as 88” span but on airwave store it says wingspan 79.5”

    Just curious to know which is correct

  2. I have already bought the plans and a short kit so I am very interested in more details on how this plane was built. I would like to make it a two piece wing, any ideas on how or if that can be done would be greatly appreciated. I love these golden age racers!! Love articles like this just wish there was more detail. We’re I am stumped is how to do a two piece wing with the LG were it is. It looks like Jerry or whoever built this one may have figured it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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