Giant-Scale Junkers

Giant-Scale Junkers
This plane is from the days when air travel was a treat! Filmed by RCHeliJet at the Hausen Flugtag in Switzerland, this trimotor transport of the 1930s and ’40s is nicely detailed and has the characteristic Ju-52 Doppelflügel, or double wing aileron/flap arrangement. If anyone has details on this beauty or its builder, please share!


Updated: December 9, 2015 — 3:23 PM


  1. Amazing plane in real life an this RC version looks amazing!

  2. Beautiful flight. The F-18 is my favorite military jet.

  3. Great looking plane! It even sounds fantastic with those 3 engines! Have seen it before, so will try to get info. Gary

  4. Wonderful! That craft really says “airplane”! Love that sound. The pilot pilot throws it around too much though for prototypical flight and taxi, but I liked the way he held the tail off on the landing roll-out.

  5. Is there anything that sounds as sweet as this?

  6. Beautiful ju 52,,,it is my favourite for RC air model sport

  7. A very nice model, but it would be good to see models other than Giant Scale every week! I’m sure they are out there.

  8. Beautifull aircraft, nice fly. Thank’s for sharing scale airplanes with us. Unfortunatelly we are seing everyday less pilots building their own models. This nice handcraftted one shows me that may be I am wrong….

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