1. As is often the case Master R/C model aircraft builders are not competent pilots!

  2. I’ve got a Ziroli Giant Stearman on my bench right now. How did this builder make the flying wires?

    1. Aeroscale products have scale flying wires, custom made to order

    2. I used to use stainless braided fishing cable and real small copper tubing. I cut the cable to length and used the small copper tubing to make crimp connectors. You can also terminate it with small turnbuckles to make final adjustments.

  3. And those who need to make such disparaging and gratuitous comments usually know little about both.

  4. I flip mine over because of high grass and small wheels. He just needs bigger wheels, just joking. It’s a beautiful model and the engine sounds really great. I have been without a flying field for several months and have to learn all over again.

  5. You can always go around if the landing isn’t assured. Unless you are dead stick. He just wasn’t properly established on a good approach. High and fast.

  6. “Looks just like a real plane”… it is a real plane, just smaller than the full size πŸ™‚ I’ve done that, put it right into the “arrester grass”:)

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