Giant Scale Tiger Moth

Giant Scale Tiger Moth

Derived from the highly successful  D.H. 60 Moth series of civilian aircraft that included the famous Gypsy Moth, the de Havilland D.H. 82A Tiger Moth is the quintessential British biplane trainer. The Tiger Moth has long been popular with modelers, and a cornucopia of “Tiggie” models is available today in the form of backyard flyers, ARFs, kits and plans. Few full-scale aircraft offer the available range of paint schemes (including military) from a dozen countries. Couple this with classic lines and docile flight characteristics, and the allure of this vintage biplane is easy to understand.

I flew a 1.20 glow-powered 1/4-scale Tiger Moth for many years and enjoyed the experience immensely. These days, my preferred power source is gas, and I wanted a model suitable for the Zenoah G-45. A 30-percent-scale version seemed perfect. I tried to keep its construction methods and field assembly as practical as I could without compromising scale fidelity; the only intended deviation from scale is a slight widening of the cowl nose to accommodate the G-45 fitted with a Bisson Pitts-style muffler, a 90-degree carburetor bend and a 2-inch prop-drive extension. The plans show an absolutely scale cowl nose section for those who might use a narrower engine/muffler combo.

To read more, click the link to open the PDF: X0704A Giant Tiger Moth

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  1. How may I obtain a set of plans for the Tiger Moth 30% published in your magazine


    1. All of our plans are available at Thank you for your interest! If you build the Tiger Moth, please be sure to send us a photo of the finished model for Pilot Projects!

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