Giant Scale Val Takes Flight

Giant Scale Val Takes Flight

You don’t often see an RC version of the Japanese Aichi D3A (called “Val” by the Allies), let alone a monster scale version. This impressive Tora Tora Tora “torpedo bomber” is a real stunner and the work of Jörg Albrecht. At a massive 1/3.2-scale, the Val weighs in at 147 pound, and it has a 14.5-foot wingspan. Powered by a Valach VM R420cc, 4-stroke, five–cylinder radial, it has power to spare. Thanks to RCGiantScalePlanes for taking this video at the Icare Airmeet.


  1. Looks a great model and as stated in the text, it’s rarely chosen as a model. The original Aichi D3A (Val) was a dive bomber, not a torpedo bomber. Its then torpedo bomber partner, the Nakajima B5N (Kate) was similar in looks, but seated a crew of 3 within its longer green house canopy. The Val was also noted for its huge fixed undercarriage with spats to put a Stuka to shame.

    1. The Kate had a retractable gear where the Val does not. Great looking Val,
      needs a Claude to fly with it.

  2. Absolutely a beautiful plane, enjoyed watching it fly, all Warbirds are just eye candy, I have over 60 of them, three of them are Zero’s, my favorite events are the Warbird events to show up and fly.

  3. Fantastic effort and build of a warbird. Looks great in the sky and hope she handles as well as she looks.

  4. hi lads can u help me please iam after the canopy for my 1\4 val thanks keith m

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