Giant SE5 Scout from Vailly Aviation Answers the Call!

Giant SE5 Scout from Vailly Aviation Answers the Call!

Several RC Dawn Patrol fly ins and competitions are springing up all across the country. It is has been a very obvious trend in the last few years showing an increased interest for RC WW1 airplane designs. This trend has not gone unnoticed and there are new kits and plans coming to market. So, by popular demand, expert scale designer and competitor, Roy Vaillancourt of Vailly Aviation has answered the call, and is introducing the company’s first WW1 design, the famous SE 5 Scout.

VallAv SE5 Scout

Built to 1/3 scale the new British fighter has a wing span an 108 inches and a projected ready-to-fly weight of 38 to 46 lbs. It has an overall length of 85 inches and is designed for a Zenoah G62 engine equipped with a Mick Reeves prop-drive,  or direct drive engines in the 75 to 85cc range.

Giant SE5 Scout from Vailly Aviation Answers the Call!

Roy comments that Plans and Vacuum formed parts will be available soon so be sure to come and see the model at the Vailly Aviation booth at the upcoming 2014 WRAM Show. He will have a special going for plans and parts.

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The 1/3 scale “SE5” is for the WWI sport/fun scale enthusiast and the plans are based on the W.A. Wylam drawings. It can also be built as an SE5a design with some minor changes. The Zenoah G-62 with Mick Reeves reduction prop drive unit is expected to fly with a 30×10 prop.

Giant SE5 Scout from Vailly Aviation Answers the Call!

Construction is all wood, built-up structure and utilizes conventional materials and assembly techniques. The design features plug-in wing panels for easy transportation and the functional flying wires provide easy assembly/disassembly at the field. A 4- to 6-channel radio is required. The plan set consist of 5 large sheets and show all structures and templates drawn full size. All sheets are 34 inches wide and range from 8 to 10 feet in length. Accessory parts available are: a vacuum formed head rest set and vacuum formed engine valve covers (2 covers). The SE5 requires Dubro 9.33 inch diameter wheels and a 1/3 scale pilot bust.

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For more information contact: Vailly Aviation, 18 Oakdale Ave, Farmingville. N.Y. 11738-2828; ph/fax 1-631-732-4715. After 8:00 P.M. Eastern (closed Sunday);;


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  1. very very nice

  2. Real nice. Cant wait to see it covered and flying!!

  3. Where can you buy the reduction unit

    1. The prop drive unit is made by Mick Reeves. in the UK…..

  4. ROY!!! THANK YOU! Now I have my WWI plane!!

  5. I’ve never owned an RC model myself, but used to have a catalog from some company called Proctor Enterprises….that also put out WWI aircraft kits. Museum quality kits. I think I’d want to own 3. One to build and leave ‘uncovered’. The second one ‘covered’…….and the third….in case I was crazy enough to want to risk flying the thing.

  6. Any idea when this will be on the market from Vailly? And, what pricing?

  7. my all time favorite plane and you have a cracker there mate enjoy butty

  8. Looks GREAT. Are there detailed small parts available? What is the price?
    Thanks, Roy

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