Gigantic RC Boeing 747-400 Airliner

Gigantic RC Boeing 747-400 Airliner

This amazing giant scale Boeing 747-400 in Virgin Atlantic markings, is the work of Adi Pitz. The monster Jumbo Jet has a wingspan of 16.24 feet and it is 17.81 feet long. The all composite airliner weighs in at just under 150 pounds and is powered by four IQ Hammer 140 turbine engines.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Gigantic RC Boeing 747-400 Airliner

This video was shot at the Airliner Meet in Oppingen, Germany while being flown by Rainer Kamitz.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Gigantic RC Boeing 747-400 Airliner

Updated: October 30, 2018 — 4:14 PM


  1. I agree with Richard above. Impressive, expensive, ……………..and boring.

  2. I go to my local club field to see mainstream models that most modelers fly. I personally like seeing these unique one of a kind models. Most of us do not have deep pockets and would never see models like this fly unless articles like this existed. There are lots of mainstream videos on utube to watch.

  3. Agree with Richard and Richard… Post something interesting to the regular guys on the flight line,, not just the Rich and Famous….

  4. Post a way to attract many more newcomers to the hobby. ASAP
    These large airplanes are interesting but because the hobby is in such deep, deep trouble now, we desperately need a safety in numbers factor and as soon as possible.
    BTW, most if not all of these enormous aircraft are in Europe, where I think they take RC aeromodeling much more serious.

  5. Agree with everyone above! Any estimates on the cost of the featured airliner? It can only fly in circles: boring. Would enjoy some precision aerobatics. Or, better yet, if you like big planes, build a full scale plane which can be flown both by a pilot in the cockpit AND radio control. Come on, Gang. These behemoths aren’t realistic for 99.99% of the folks in the hobby! And it is interesting that we only see them in Germany or the UK.

  6. I wonder if the European equivalent of the FAA is imposing restrictions on theses large planes. After all, they will crowd the airspace for commercial drone traffic.

  7. Fascinating project. I don’t fly giant scale but can appreciate what a job it must have been. Do not understand the lack of interest from others. Keep it coming!

  8. I LOVE the films of the big planes! Sure, I will never own or build one, but what would I want to see boring videos of the small planes simple guys like me fly? If that’s what you want to see, go to you tube and search “radio control airplanes.” There are THOUSANDS!

    MAN, keep the cheesecake coming!

  9. I have had the above thoughts for a long time. I’m tired of seeing the huge European super planes and skip right over them.

  10. I agree and respect all coments above but always is interestiing watch rc planes flaying

  11. Couldn’t disagree more with the people who don’t want to see these aircraft. They are spectacular works of engineering and craftsmanship. Certainly, most of us will never aspire to have or even want such an aircraft, but they are newsworthy none the less.
    Additionally, there are thousands of articles and posts on topics that the average builder/flier may find more practical for them. This is another aspect of our great hobby. Why not enjoy and appreciate what other people are doing?

  12. I enjoy watching. I know I will never be able to afford one but it is fun to dream. If I can’t afford to own one then at least I will have a chance to watch one fly. I would like to see one in person. Wife won’t let me build one in the garage. I would like to see Gary do a article on the ar9350 receiver with gyro.

  13. Pretty typical replys. No wonder people don’t want to join our hobby!… and god help them if they actually had to build something original. Maybe it should die.
    Then it can be “Re-Discovered” in a few years as people come here from places where they do things like build big jets and actually compete with model aircraft to see who can build the best, soar the longest, land the closest to a spot…! Now theres a thought!

  14. I can appreciate the technology but these aircraft are way outside the mainstream. This type of coverage is why I don’t find much interest in model magazines anymore. Not much left for average hobbyists in terms of build articles or plans just advertising and covering models you would need to mortgage the house to build.

  15. I think all the above comments are exactly what is wrong with out hobby. Nobody is a craftsman any more so there is no appreciation for the skill it takes to build one of these planes, much less fly one.
    Very disappointing, again, another comment about “all it does is fly around in circles?” Guess what, the skill in flying a plane like this is to make it look like a full-size 747! Which this pilot did very well.
    This tells me these comments are coming from someone who could never build a plane like this, even if they could afford it and certainly never fly it.
    I appreciate this type of video as it shows what this great hobby is capable of being. I went to the TOC for many years, I knew I could not fly as well as the 20 pilots there, but it became a motivator for me to strive to be as good as I could be.
    If they start showing 30-size ARF’s I will never open it!——-Paul H

  16. I noticed that the final approach end of the field has many parked vehicles. The very large turbine powered 747 flew right over them.
    The AMA would never allow that field configuration would they?
    Looked pretty dangerous to me

  17. Paul – you are making lot of assumptions. There is nothing wrong with people voicing their opinions. I think we all appreciate what went into building large aircraft, but for most of us this is not the norm. I for one certainly have the skill to build and fly something similar to the 747, just have no desire to. Takes lots of money, time and space. For me I would like to see more build articles, tweaks and general information that would benefit all of us. These large models are only a small segment of the hobby.

  18. I have always enjoyed all aspects of modeling and find your videos enjoyable. This is a superb example of building and flying and I would not criticize in any manner. Keep on doing what you enjoy.

  19. I for one don’t have much interest in watching a video of something I can see at the local flying field any given day. The whole point of these videos to me is to see something unique and different that we would never see. The scale of these amazing models is something to be admired and enjoyed in my opinion.

  20. Personally i love to see these large models fly. The craftmanship and the technology that allows these birds to fly is truly amazing. Having built and flow many RC .40 and .60 planes a I can appreciate the huge effort and dedication to build and fly such planes. I have been captivated since attending Byron Originals Striking Back airshows in the 80’s with their massive B-29 , and flights of B-25, P-47,P-51 and Zero aircraft in dogfights overhead. Seeing a zero trailing smoke, then burst into flame, followed by the rc pilot baling out and parachuting to the ground as his aircraft rolls over and crashes in a fireball was spectacular then. These giant planes continue what was started then. Dream of it and build it! I applaud all who continue this sport and build bigger and better.

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