Give us your best idea

Give us your best idea

Do you have a great idea that can save your fellow modelers some time and money? Send it in, and we may use it in “Tips and Tricks.” We’ll award you a Model Airplane News baseball cap and an Alien Aircraft kit for every idea used in Tips & Tricks. Send a rough sketch and a brief description to Model Airplane News, c/o Air Age Media, 88 Danbury Rd., Wilton, CT 06897 USA. Be sure that your name and address are clearly printed on each submission. Because of the number of ideas we receive, we can neither acknowledge each one nor return unused material.

Updated: June 29, 2011 — 11:48 AM


  1. so what is the idea shown at the top…with the blind nut and the red what…rubber washer? What is it’s purpose?

    1. The red “washer” is a piece of rubber sheet … it’s a method to keep canopies in place, featured in Tips & Tricks in September MAN.

  2. I still don’t get it…

  3. This Idea does not make much sense/What is the purpose of a blind nut,(rubber)washer? No assembly diagram,congratulations,you win a cookie and a banana,Been here for 52 years ,this is a blank.

    1. Here’s the tip in its entirety from the September issue:
      I use this method to help hold onto my canopies. I take an
      1⁄8-inch-thick piece of rubber sheet, cut just a small piece to fit
      onto the back side of the blind nut, and carefully glue it in place
      with CA glue. Once it is trimmed to fit, I drill a 1⁄16-inch-diameter
      hole from the front side through the rubber. When the canopy
      screw goes through the back side of the blind nut, the rubber
      acts like a nylon locknut. This keeps the screws from backing out
      and getting lost, saving me time and money.

  4. I get it, and it does work. I also get that the graphic was just a sample “Tips and Tricks” graphic to go with the solicitation article, not meant to be an actual, fully explained tip. Therefore, taken in its intended context, it makes complete sense.

    1. 🙂

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