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GLIDER MODS FOR EASY TRANSPORT—An exclusive from the February 2011 issue of Model Airplane News

GLIDER MODS FOR EASY TRANSPORT—An exclusive from the February 2011 issue of Model Airplane News

For the Great Planes “Carl Goldberg Classics series” Sophisticated Lady ARF, the author David Garwood made two modifications to make storage and transportation of his glider (and its 78-inch polyhedral wing) easier. He didn’t glue the wing halves together, but instead taped them together for flying. And he modified the tail so that the horizontal stabilizer could be bolted into place instead of simply gluing it in place. These modifications allow the completed Sophisticated Lady to fit back into its kit box for easier storage and transportation.

Here’s how he did it.

First, don’t glue the wing halves together. To assemble the full wing, slide the wing joiner in place and tape the wing halves together, I used DUCKTAPE brand duct tape in their Winking White color. The wing joiner is well engineered and the wing is plenty strong when assembled with tape.

 Tail Feathers



Next shorten the top of the fin by 1/2 inch at the rear. I cut off about 1/2 inch of balsa and about 1/4 inch of pushrod tube on mine, and now it fits into the kit box after the fin is glued in place.



To make the horizontal stabilizer removable by bolting it on, rather than gluing it in place. Drill and tap sets are sold by hobby suppliers. I used a 4-40 size tap and bolts.


I cut small pieces of hardwood and installed them at the top of the fin, then drilled through the horizontal stab into the hardwood blocks, and tapped threads in the blocks to receive the bolts.  I started with two bolts and then decided to use three. Try to drill your holes straighter than I drilled mine.

–Dave Garwood

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