The classic Stik is now an easy electric!


For years the Stik design has been a “familiar face” at the flying field and now ElectriFly has equipped it with clean, quiet electric power!  Modelers who enjoy the advantages of brushless motors have an opportunity to experience flying a proven R/C classic.  Glow pilots considering an electric aircraft will find familiarity in the ElectroStik’s quality wood construction and traditional look.  And everyone will appreciate how easy it is to get to the flight line – especially with the Receiver-Ready (RXR) version!


  • The low parts count and high level of preassembly means that modelers can have the ElectroStik ARF ready for takeoff in just two hours – and the RXR can be airborne in half that time!
  • All of ElectroStick’s control surfaces assemble with NO GLUING.  The control horns are all factory-installed to eliminate measuring or lining up with hinge lines.
  • A carbon fiber tube streamlines wing assembly by eliminating the need for complicated jigs, and allows for easy breakdown when transporting the ElectroStik.  At the field, the wing attaches quickly to the fuselage with two EZ Bolt thumb screws – no tools required.
  • Quality ElectriFly micro servos are included and already installed in the RXR version and are ready to be hooked up to the receiver.  The radio compartment offers plenty of room for modelers to install their choice of servo in the ARF.
  • A RimFire 42-40-1000 motor, PowerFlow 11×8.5 E Prop, Silver Series 45 ESC and ES80 Micro Servos are included and pre-installed in the RXR.



  • Wingspan: 52.5 in (890 mm)
  • Wing Area: 589 inrushless 45A ESC, 3 micro servos
  • RXR requires: 4-channel radio, receiver, 11.1V 3200mAh LiPo battery, charger
  • ARF also requires: 3 micro servos, out-runner brushless motor, 45A brushless ESC

    GPMA1574     ElectroStik EP ARF                                          Retail:$169.99   Street:$129.99

    GPMA7500     ElectroStik EP RXR                                         Retail:$329.99   Street:$239.99

    GPMG4675     RimFire 42-40-1000 Out-Runner Brshless Mtor          Retail:$99.99     Street:$79.99

    GPMM1220     ES80 Micro Servo                                            Retail:$17.99     Street:$10.99

    GPMM1840     SS45 Brushless ESC                                        Retail:$89.99     Street:$64.99


    AVAILABLE:  Late June


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    Updated: July 20, 2015 — 12:13 PM
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