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Great Planes F-86 Micro Jet

Great Planes F-86 Micro Jet

Great Planes F-86 Micro Jet

Fully assembled and ready to fly, this little jet offers big performance! It’s equally at home flying in a large gymnasium as it is outside. It’s also available Tx-R (see the AnyLink press release a few posts down!). Here’s the official press release, and be sure to check out the cool video.

There are a lot of jets and a lot of micros, but there’s only one F-86 Sabre — and it’s only from Great Planes. It’s the first micro that offers true EDF jet performance and authentic jet looks in equal measure — and it’s available as a Tx-R. It measures only 15” from wing tip to wing tip, but offers the scale looks of a plane twice the size and the performance that jet pilots want. A factory-installed brushless motor and a HyperFlow ducted fan unit provide the power and thrust for full-throttle passes just off the deck and outstanding sport performance.


  • Fully assembled, carefully scaled and factory finished.
  • Equipped for true jet performance with a ducted fan, brushless motor and ESC.Onboard gear includes three digital servos, as well as a 4-channel SLT™ receiver.

Updated: July 20, 2015 — 12:13 PM


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  1. I for one, can’t wait to get my hands on the world’s first 30mm EDF jet that can fly indoors! I just have to wait for them to ship Down Under here to Australia before I can do that though. :-))

  2. I really like this trend with amll aircrafts. Don’t know why, just like it. Though I prefer DSM BNF since I am a Spektrum user the TX-R with AnyLink should perform.

    Looks like great fun!

  3. May i ask when and where we can get this im lookin forward to playin with it with my son

    1. It’s available at http://www.towerhobbies.com and available in late March!

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