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Great Planes Mr. Mulligan MAN Review Coming Soon!

Great Planes Mr. Mulligan MAN Review Coming Soon!

What do you do when nobody is going to the field on a beautiful sunny clear fall day because of the wind? Well, if you’re not faint of heart and you have a buddy willing to go….you go test fly your newest airplane! That’s exactly what we did with my new Great Planes Mr Mulligan and it couldn’t have gone better.


Seldom does the first test/trim flight involve things like loops, rolls, spins, stalls, and knife-edge, but if the plane is Mr. Mulligan – why not? Second, third, fourth, and fifth flights just got better as we felt the plane out.

No extra trim or balance changes from the recommended settings, just a tad more elevator throw on the high rate side. Oh yeah….Wayne wanted to buy the plane from me on the spot! I’d say that’s a successful first day with a new plane.

Watch for Video and complete review coming soon!

By Greg Gimlick


Updated: July 16, 2015 — 4:40 PM

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