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The most realistic R/C flight simulator – now with combat events!


With RealFlight Generation 5, pilots can vie for the title of “Who’s the Fiercest RealFlight Pilot?”  Simply by using an Internet connection and G5’s Multiplayer to challenge up to 31 other pilots in contest of skill and daring, they will find out!

Pilots can activate the Targeting System – and track a single opponent through such chilling virtual worlds as a post-apocalypse landscape.  Pilots can view each others’ profiles to compare points and use their own headset and microphones to chat live while the battle rages!  Tactics like streamer cutting, paintball, machine gun and rocket wars are featured.  RealFlight G5 also offers a unique concept that no other sim can claim:  First Person Viewpoint.  FPV lets the pilot turn on cameras from different vantage points (cockpit, tail, etc) allowing pilots to look out from the aircraft for a very original flight perspective. Modelers will find seven new aircraft including the Sig® Senorita and 2 Multiplex models.  G5 also includes three new 3D flying sites, totaling over 30!  RealFlight G5 includes a full-feature transmitter with digital trims and QuickSelect™ to control all basic software functions – virtually eliminating the need for mouse and keyboard.  Yet, G5 retains all the standard features modelers have come to know and expect with RealFlight:


  • Depth of Field Effect
  • Real Rendering™
  • R/C Training Aids
  • Full Sound Effects
  • Incredible Physics
  • Extensive Flying Site Detail
  • Training Tools
  • QuickSelect™
  • Multiplayer for up to 31 Other Pilots
  • Over 75 Aircraft
  • Over 25 Flying Sites


GPMZ4440     RealFlight G5 Mode 2            Retail:$299.99  Street:$199.99

GPMZ4441     RealFlight G5 Mode 1            Retail:$299.99  Street:$199.99


G3, G3.5, G4 and G4.5 customers can upgrade to G5!

GPMZ4448     RealFlight G5 Upgrade          Retail:$99.99    Street:$79.99


AVAILABLE:  Late October


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Updated: July 15, 2015 — 4:11 PM
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