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Grumman Hellcat

Grumman Hellcat

BY ERIC FEARN LEY . .. famous World War II Naval Air Force fighter in all its pristine beauty for the fellow who likes to fly as well as build. Typical scale construction methods mal<e this a project for the average builder.

Ignition off, wheel chocks in place, fuel on . . . four priming turns of the prop at full throttle . . . ignition on, throttle at V4 position, contact … The Webra bursts into life- the bottom of the cowl is cloudy with exhaust fumes, and the engine settles down to the typical Webra purr. .. The Hellcat shimmers in the morning sun in its medium and midnight non-specular paint, white stars gleaming on the sides of the fuselage. The fabric-covered tail control surfaces drum at the rhythm of the prop as the throttle is opened in bursts, the control stick right back to hold the tail down.

To read more, click the link to download the PDF: FSP03772 Grumman Hellcat

Updated: July 7, 2014 — 8:43 AM

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