Habu Electric Ducted Fan BNF Jet

Habu Electric Ducted Fan BNF Jet

Habu EDF Jet

All you have to do is bind the receiver to own own full-range DSM2 compatable transmitter.


The ParkZone® Habu EDF Jet is a full-throttle thriller capable of blistering speeds and precise aerobatics. At the heart of this spine-tingling performance is the phenomenal power of E-flite’s BL15 3200Kv brushless ducted fan motor mated to an E-flite Delta-V™ 15 ducted fan. The potent combo produces enough thrust for outstanding climb performance and thrilling high-speed passes. When it comes time to throttle back and enter the pattern, the Habu’s remarkably wide flight envelope and forgiving slow-speed handling will reward anyone used to flying faster sport planes with picture-perfect, nose-high touch downs and takeoffs.

Getting this Bind-N-Fly™ version airborne is about as simple as it gets. Just attach the wing and tail, charge the battery, bind the receiver to your full range DSM2™ transmitter and you’re flying.

This is anything but the same old sport flying experience. If you’re an intermediate to experienced pilot looking for high-speed jet thrills, the ParkZone Habu EDF Jet is just what you’re looking for . . . and a whole lot more.

Key Features

  • E-flite BL15 3200Kv brushless ducted fan motor with E-flite Delta-V™ 15 ducted fan unit (installed)
  • E-flite 60A Pro with Switch-Mode BEC ESC (installed)
  • AR500 DSM2 5-channel sport receiver (installed)
  • 4S 14.8V 3200mAh 30C Li-Po battery (included)
  • Variable rate 3- to 4-cell DC Li-Po balancing (included)
  • Full 4-channel control, includes fully functional rudder
  • Wing and airframe design optimized for a wide flight envelope
  • Silver Z-Foam™ construction
  • Removable landing gear


Wingspan: 36.3 in (920 mm)

Overall Length: 43.3 in (1100 mm)

Flying Weight: 2.8 lb (1300 g)

Motor Size: E-flite BL15 DF 3200Kv six-pole brushless inrunner (installed)

Radio: AR500 2.4GHz 5-channel Sport DSM2 (installed)

Servos: 5 total, 3 digital metal-geared (nose steering, rudder, elevator), 2 standard (aileron)

Speed Control : E-flite 60A Switch-Mode BEC brushless (installed)

Recommended Battery: E-flite 4S 3200mAh 30C Li-Po (included)

Proportional control for: Aileron, Elevator, Rudder and Throttle

Charger: 3-4 cell DC powered variable rate balancing LiPo charger (included)

Landing Gear: Optional landing gear is included

Price: $400

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 9:50 AM
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