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Hangar 9 30CC P47

Hangar 9 30CC P47

Check out this video of the Hangar 9 giant scale 30CC P47. Model Airplane News editor Debra Cleghorn gets the low down in this video interview. Click the video below to view.

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Updated: November 2, 2011 — 3:40 PM
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  1. Boy, I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  2. Rich,
    I agree! This looks like a great aircraft!
    I thought they’d have it at your door for a review by now!
    When can we expect a flight review?

  3. Looks great. But at $750.00 without retracts it is only for a select few. We are getting priced out of the hobby.

  4. At $750 minus retracts? What makes this bird worth almost twice that of others in its class? That’s even more then some 50cc kits that would come up to that price when the cost of retracts is added in. (Even Top FLite kits are over $150 cheaper, and the cockpit kit is included!) Hangar 9’s are generally good kits, but there not made of “space age polymers”. They require beefing up just like the rest of them. I would say the price is a bit out of line for what you get.

  5. I agree with BOLD Pilot. This is why I choose to scratch build.

  6. Too much for my blood. 750, plus 400 or more for retracts, and then engine,wheels, servos,,,, 2 grand to get this in the air??? Give me a break,,,

  7. They advertise the plane for the 30CC but install a 40CC. What is up with that? I agree it is pretty pricey.

  8. There is no ARF worth that kind of money, I dont give a rat’s a…. who makes it, they are all made overseas by people who dont give a damn about quality. UNLESS its it made by 3W. I bought one of those EXtreme Flight Yak 54 that people are so proud of, ya they fly good, but wait till you have to do some work on them. you can actually role off the glue from the joints and this is no exaggeration. but if you are not a builder, then by all means go ahead and buy couple of them. Hanger 9 is no different.

  9. If really good retracts were supplied with the P-47 the price would be ok. Since no retracts are supplied I think 450.00 is more realistic.

  10. I like it but not that much.

  11. I know, Its EXTREMELY tough to get a good looking warbird in the air for what it seems like under $1,000. You’ld think someone would have figured out how to do that by now. Top Flite is the best bet I think

  12. I do agree that prices of ARFs are climbing, but I wonder out load honestly, to get this bird in the air cost $750 plane, Zenoah G-38 $324.99, Retracts and air kit: $325; Servos $400 (at $50 apiece) Misc hardware $125… you are $75 shy of $2k invested. Can anyone really scratch or plans build one and outfit it for much less? Take a Ziroli 72 inch Thunderbolt for example: plans $55, short wood kit: $220, Canopy $22, Cowling $56, Plastic formed parts $20, Cheap DuBro Wheels $36. Decals, $75, plus the same engine, servos and retracts and you come up with $1570.
    Now add your building time and materials, finishing materials and paint…. you see my point… But again, I always think you get what you pay for, so a $750 ARF is going to be a lot better than a $350 one… I do like the idea of using robart gear. Chinese made gear are at best not as rugged. Not fair comparison to compare US made Robarts to included in the price of the ARF Chinese gear.

  13. I do agree you tend to get what you pay for (to a point), but for that price, you can get two of something else and spend about 1/3rd of the time “kit bashing” as opposed to a scratch build, and have 2 air frames. The rub for me is that many of these roll out of the same factories. Check some “cheap sites” and you will find hangar 9’s old 60 size “Marie” under a different name. Its obvious there are even cheaper knock off versions of this kit , but having seen both the hangar 9 and the not “the cheapest knock off” I know they are the same. Remember the high dollar KMP kits? Now they are the “cheaper” ones called ESM (who made them for KMP in the first place). and at $200 or more below this hangar 9, well there’s the extra money for your Robarts. And I still maintain that the TopFlite is a good quality kit, and it is bigger, and you don’t pay extra fro the cockpit, and I used to think IT was the expensive one. My argument here is that this hangar 9, along with a lot of its new siblings, is out-pricing the competition, and I cant afford, nor want to be “really really loyal.” So, as long as I continue to have luck with brands like ESM, and now the “bargain priced” TopFlite” hangar 9 will have to wait.

  14. If this plane flies as good as the razor back version, it will be a winner. People will buy it regardless of the price, some people seem to have the dosh [lucky devils], I don’t so I wont but I may come across a second hand one next year.

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