Hangar 9 89″ Carden Edition Yak 54 ARF (2 Boxes)

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The Hangar 9 Carden Aircraft Edition Yak 54 ARF is a shrunken version of the popular Carden 150cc Yak 54. Carden Aircraft participated in this endeavor by working with Hangar 9 to provide their construction techniques, drawings and designs to be used in the creation of the Hangar 9 Carden Edition Yak 54 ARF.

This level of completion is beyond comparison in the giant-scale market. The kit comes highly prefabricated with the fuel tank assembled, hinges and control horns installed and hinge lines sealed. Constructed from durable, lightweight balsa and foam and covered in genuine UltraCote®, the Yak 54 ARF also boasts a balsa truss fuselage construction and balsa sheeted foam-core wings that is Carden Aircraft construction to a tee.

In addition to the unparalleled level of completion, the Yak 54 ARF also has smart design features such as a two-piece wing and stab—standard on all Carden kits—that ensures convenient storage and easy transport to the flying field. Also included are top-quality, durable components like the fiberglass cowl and lightweight aluminum landing gear.

At Hangar 9 and Carden Aircraft, we know how you want them to fly—and nothing less than first class is acceptable.

Key Features

  • True Carden aircraft design
  • 89″ span—a small 50cc to 60cc version of the popular Carden Aircraft kit
  • Carden construction throughout
  • Balsa sheeted foam-core wings
  • High level of completion to get you flying faster
  • Factory-hinged control surfaces
  • Hinge line gaps sealed
  • Giant-scale control horns factory installed
  • Fuel tank assembled and installed
  • Turnbuckle pushrods included
  • Hangar 9® giant-scale hardware included
  • Plug-in wing and stabilizer
  • Helmet-head pilot figure included
  • Painted aluminum landing gear
  • Internally mounted fiberglass cowl

Product Specifications

Wingspan: 89 in (226.1 cm)
Overall Length: 84 in (213.4 cm)
Wing Area: 1434 sq in (92.8 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 16.75–18.5 lb (7.6–8.4 kg)
Engine Size: 45–60cc gas
Radio: 4+ channels
Servos: 6 servos
Trim Scheme Colors: White (HANU870), Bright Yellow (HANU872), Pearl Purple (HANU847), Silver (HANU881)

Needed to Complete

7-channel computer radio system (minimum)

2 – 24″ servo extensions (JRPA102)

2 – Switch Harnesses (JRPA001 or JRPA004)

2 – 12″ Servo Extensions (JRPA098)

3 – 9″ Servo Extensions (JRPA097)

5 – Hi-Torque metal geared servos (JRPS8411, 8611a, 8711)  Note: Only metal-geared servos of at least 180 oz/in of torque should be used on the control surfaces.

4 – Large single servo arms (JRPA236)

1 – Large double servo arm (JRPA237)

1 – Choke Ring for throttle servo (JRPA029)

1 – 2700mAh or larger battery for receiver

1 – 1500mAh or larger battery for ignition (4.8 – 6.0V for DA, 2-cell LiPo for EVO)

MatchBox (JRPA900) if you are not mixing the elevator servos through the transmitter

45-60cc engine (Evolution 50GX, 58GX2, or a DA 50)

HAN4650 – $699.99

Please note: The shipping cost of the Yak 54 is $100 USD. This cost will not be reflected on Checkout. Please call us if you have any questions.  

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 11:16 AM
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