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Hangar 9 introduces the first ever jet-like trainer for basic training – The F-22 Raptor! 
Sophisticated sensors, unmatched close-in dogfighting skills and undetectable at long range. The F-22 Raptor™, the U.S. Air Force’s newest aircraft, is the most advanced stealth fighter in aviation technology. And now, Hangar 9® provides you with the most advanced training aircraft in the RC world.

Using time proven PTS technology, Hangar 9 has once again redefined the customer’s expectations of what a basic trainer can and should be. Sporting removable NACA droops and repositionable flaps, the new F-22 Raptor PTS is a perfect 1st trainer for wannabe pilots clamoring to get away from traditional, boxy trainers.

 The plastic NACA droops attach to the outer leading edge of the wing to help stabilize the Raptor and eliminate tip stalls or spins. They also manipulate the stock airfoil to produce added lift. After training is complete, remove the droops to transform the trainer into a fun sport plane.  Flaps are preset specifically for Basic Training in a position that provides speed control and added lift. Flaps can be ground adjusted to a mid or full position. Or add two servos and have fully functioning flaps. Master the basics, remove the droops, and change flap position to move up to jet-like aerobatics. Progress from learning to fly to jet-jockey with Hangar 9’s F-22 Raptor PTS.

Not only does the Raptor allow you to learn how to fly through training steps, it also comes complete with a Trainer Power System and TrainerLink™ and Simulator. The preinstalled Evolution® Trainer Power System includes SetRight™ needle valves for foolproof engine adjustments. No break in, tuning, running or engine expertise is needed. Plus, the special 3-bladed prop is revised to reduce air speed to increase your reaction time while learning to fly.  The JR SPORT SX600 6-channel radio system comes completely installed. It offers basic features—like 10-model memory and exponential rate—that will take you well beyond the training stage, so you won’t have to immediately upgrade once your piloting skills improve. Extra channels let you add functional flaps once you have mastered the basics.The The F-22 Raptor PTS also includes TrainerLink, which links the included JR SPORT™ radio system to your instructor’s transmitter, FS One™ Solo™ Flight Simulator, and a step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructional DVD to supplement the included manual.

Hangar 9 offers the most convenient flight experience.  The quick-release, easy-access hatches are spring-loaded to allow easy access to the electronics and fuel tank. A prepainted pilot figure comes installed inside the front hatch.  The wing and tail sections bolt and slide together easily for convenient transport and storage. No tools or glue are necessary.

Get your first and your second RC airplane in a single purchase. The F-22 Raptor PTS from Hangar 9.

Key Features

  • Ready to fly right from the box
  • Progressive design allows smooth advancement
  • Removable NACA droops prevent spins and tip stalls
  • 3-position flap system for speed control and additional lift
  • Prepainted pilot figure preinstalled in cockpit
  • JR SPORT™ SX600 6-channel computer radio system installed (JSP16000**)
  • Evolution Engines ® Trainer Power System installed (EVOE100)
  • Includes step-by-step, easy-to-follow instructional DVD
  • TrainerLink™ which links the included JR SPORT radio system to the instructor’s transmitter
  • Includes FS One™ Solo™ Precision RC Flight Simulator training software
  • Covered in exclusive Hangar 9® UltraCote®

Product Specifications

Wingspan: 52 in (1321mm) (with droops and tip extensions), 47.9 in (1217mm) (w/o droops and tip extensions)
Overall Length: 50.3 in (1278mm)
Wing Area: 731 sq in (47.2 sq dm) (with droops and tip extensions), 675 sq in (43.6 sq dm) (w/o droops and tip extensions)
Flying Weight: 7.0–7.5 lb (3.18–3.40 kg)
Engine Size: Evolution Trainer Power System (EVOE100 (installed))
Radio: JR SPORT SX600 6-channel system (JSP16000** (installed))
Servos: 5 servos (7 servos needed for optional flaps)

Needed to Complete

Kit Includes

HAN3825 – $299.99

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 11:16 AM
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