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Exclusive sneak peek! Hangar 9 Giant Corsair

Exclusive sneak peek! Hangar 9 Giant Corsair

That’s right, we got the exclusive on the great looking and flying Hangar 9 F4u-1D Corsair 60cc. I have to say that this is a fun build and the kit almost falls together with almost perfect part fit.  We added almost all of the extra scale details that are optional and available from Hangar 9, they are well worth the time and effort and range from 5-inch aluminum wheels to navigation lights to ordnance pylons. For me the big attraction is the 7-cylinder radial engine from Evolution, this is one fine piece of machinery!  (Speaking of, I would highly recommend installing the McDaniel R/C Glow Driver available from Sonic Tronics — it gives a reliable idle and makes the engine easy to start.) Enjoy the photos and check out the video, then look for the complete review in the January issue of Model Airplane News.

Hangar 9 Giant Corsair



Outstanding part fit

Great scale looks

Radial Engine looks and sound

Many scale extras available

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Some quick specs on this warbird:

Wingspan: 85.5 in.

Wing area: 1380 sq. in.

Weight: 31 lb.

Wing loading:  51.75 oz. /sq.ft.

Engine req’d:  3.1 – 3.6 2-Cycle Gas 3.1-3.6 2-Cycle Gas

Radio req’d: 8-channel +

Price: $ 999.99

Hangar 9 Giant Corsair

The F4U-1D Corsair 60cc can take a number of different types of engines, but if you want a realistic and great-sounding plane, you have to install the Evolution 77cc Radial Glow Engine on this bad boy. The kit includes a mounting template for drilling out the holes and the instructions have a photo of the mounted engine.

Hangar 9 Giant Corsair

The gear mounts are already installed and ready to accept Robart retracts. I used electric retracts but you could also use pneumatic ones.

Hangar 9 Giant Corsair

First things first, a nice little pass down the runway.


Yes, those bombs are droppable by a mere flip the switch on the transmitter.

Hangar 9 Giant Corsair

The full-size cockpit is included in the kit.

Hangar 9 Giant Corsair

But the pilot is not, you will have to find your own full figure pilot.

Hangar 9 Giant Corsair

Some nice electric rotating Robart retracts for the wings.

Hangar 9 Giant Corsair

Yes, the tailwheel also retracts.

Hangar 9 Giant Corsair

I just can’t get enough of those low passes.

Be sure to check out my build blog on the Hangar 9 F4U 1-D Corsair here and part 2 here.



Updated: July 27, 2015 — 2:56 PM
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  1. Great overview John. I love the concept of the Evolution 7-77 but its still a glow engine. I prefer to keep my fleet gasoline.
    What 4-stroke gasoline powered engines can fit other than the Saito FG-57TS? Isn’t there a Saito 84cc 3-cylinder that could drive this bad boy and use a scale Solo-Prop?

  2. I am a corsair junkie,,, I have the hanger 9 sixty size, discontinued, a nitro planes foamy, and a smaller foamy, and the Top Flite Giant gold edition kit, I started building back in 2010,and now have about 16 flights on it. It is powered by a 65cc Rimfire electric with a Castle 160 amp controller, and 12s battery power. I still use the Robart air retracts. It has a 86.5 in. wingspan and weighs around 28 lbs. It really flies great.

    1. If you have pictures of your Top Flight, specifically the build, I would love to see them. I just completed setting up my shop and am ready to start building a giant and would love to try electric instead of gas or glow. Thanks.

      1. RON, I posted my build on RC universe… you used could link to it at RC Universe under Top Flite F4U Corsair Gold Giant Scale Project. A guy named Floopy started the thread, but stopped posting, so I started adding my build to it. Let me know if you find it, as it has lots of pictures of some of my other electric planes. I now have a 92 in A-26 powered by two 60 electrics, a 100 inch Cherokee, Top flite bonanza 80 inch, and several others.

  3. Another great engine for gas is Saitos 57cc boxer 4 stroke.
    I have one on my TF f4U and the flexible exhaust stacks come out the scale location.

  4. John, thanks for sharing.. Good looking plane.. I noticed on the video the leads attaching to each cyldinder , how do you lite that many plugs at once to on a glow motor? thanks for sharing.

    1. Terry,
      That has a McDaniel R/C Glow Driver on it that connects to all seven of the cylinders. It provides power to each one when the stick is at or below 1/4 throttle.

  5. that is one beautiful bird

  6. I love the Corsair but it is really sad it does not come with retracts. They cost almost as much as the plane. Over all I probably will never one. The smaller planes come with retracts so this one should too. The plane has many engine options other than the radial which are not a problem. If I had it I would use a gasoline engine to save the fuel cost in the long run.

  7. Wow, Nice plane, and well done.
    She’s an impressive bird for sure.

  8. John, looks fabulous! I would liked to hear the Evo engine sound…

  9. Does this Corsair NOT have the split flaps? The split flaps are about the coolest part aren’t they?

    1. Matt, it does have split flaps.

  10. @MattEberhard: The flaps are spilt and very prototypical!
    They went together easily and take very little force to function.
    I did put a 160 oz-in servo so I would not have to worry.

    1. John,
      Why did you land without flaps in your video?
      This Corsair slows nicely when you lower your flaps during your base-to-final turn. If you do it during the turn you will not see any ballooning and you will be set for a smooth approach.

      Have you checked your firewall since you’ve been flying it? We’ve had reports of glue joint failure due to vibration (using a DA-60).

      1. We were flying in 20+ mph winds, so landing with flaps was not needed and would have actually been harder to do. On a normal day we would have used them.

        I have checked the firewall and not notice any joint failures. When you say We have had reports of this, who is the we? Have they been reported to Horizon?

    2. I must not have been paying attention because I watched the video again and saw that there were flaps… Hangar 9 makes great planes, with great build manuals, so I wouldn’t expect anything less than awesome with them… I have a Beast with a 120 DA in it, and it was a joy to build and fly. This Corsair is tempting me even though I love 3-D. LOL

  11. This plane is gorgous! I would own one if I could afford to buy the Evolution motor and Robart retracts to go with it.
    John Redman helped in the making of this model when he was with Hanger 9.

    1. Yes, John Redman did start this project and David Payne finished it up. They both did a great job on this aircraft, this is one sweet ARF.

  12. awesome plane!!!!!!!!!!……..not such an awesome price!!!!! 999.99 is just a little to much for me!!!!!!!!

  13. Awesome bird. I just bought one of these and am having a “terrible” time deciding what engine to use.

    How does the EVO 7 cylinder radial perform? Would you say it has enough extra power to have a bit of a spirited flight (and goose the throttle to get you out of a tight spot and have ‘instant feedback’, or is it enough for very scale-like flying?

    I’ve heard conflicting reports on whether the 7-77 is enough for the weight of this plane.

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