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Make remarkable 3D aerobatics the hallmark of your flying repertoire. Hangar 9’s ShowTime 50 ARF is an exciting Mike McConville design equipped with innovative SFG Technology®—removable Side Force Generators that provide extra rudder authority and control to help you perform a virtually limitless display of extreme 3D and precision aerobatics. Power up and fly the way you want. Hangar 9’s ShowTime 50 ARF can be converted for electric motor use with minor modification and proper hardware (not included). And to ensure the ShowTime 50 is the center of attention even when it’s sitting on the tarmac, it comes covered in a dazzling 4-color UltraCote trim scheme.

Key Features
  • Designed by world-class aerobatic pilot Mike McConville
  • Beautiful 4-color Hangar 9 UltraCote trim scheme
  • Extremely lightweight laser-cut all-wood construction
  • Removable Side Force Generators™ facilitate remarkable 3D performance
  • Factory-assembled fuel tank
Product Specifications
Wingspan: 57 inches (1448mm)
Overall Length: 59.5 inches (1511mm) (including spinner)
Wing Area: 722sq in (46.6 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 6-7 lb (2.7-3.2 kg)
Engine Size: Glow 2-stroke .40-.52, 4-stroke.56-.82
Motor Size: E-flite Power 60 BL Outrunner (EFLM4060A)
Radio: 4 Channel Radio
Servos: 6 servos, 47 ounce/inches or higher
Trim Scheme Colors: Pearl Blue (HANU845), White (HANU870), True Red (HANU866), Bright Yellow (HANU872
CG (center of gravity): 5.5 inches from leading edge of wing at the fuselage
Wing Loading: 19.8 ounces per square foot
Prop Size: 10 x 6 – 15 x 4 (9.75 in of prop clearance)
Spinner Size: 2.25 inch
Hardware Included: Yes
Speed Control : 80 amp brushless
Recommended Battery: 4200 6s2p 22.2 volt pack (THP42003S2PPL x 2)
Flaps: No
Retracts: No
Control Throw (Ailerons): Low Rates: 22° up/ 21° down, High Rates: 45° up/ 43° down
Control Throw (Elevator): Low Rates: 9° up/ 11° down, High Rates: 45° up/50° down
Control Throw (Rudder): Low Rates-30° left/right, High Rates-45° left/right
Needed to Complete

Needed to Complete—Glow
• 4-channel radio system w/6 servos
• Engine
• Propeller
• Spinner

Needed to Complete—Electric
• 4-channel radio system w/6 servos
• Electric motor
• Speed control
• Battery pack
• Propeller
• Spinner

HAN4275 – $199.99

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 9:52 AM
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