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Heavy Metal Warbirds at US Air Meet

Heavy Metal Warbirds at US Air Meet


One nice surprise we found in the flightline roundup was Horizon sponsored “Team Malchione” taking part in the noontime show with their impressive F4U Corsairs! Not just one, but a pair of CARF-Corsairs flown in formation to the delight of the crowd! These giant scale South Pacific bent-wing warbirds powered by 5-cylinder 250cc radial engines not only look the part, they also sounded like the real thing as they straffed and performed cloud scraping aerobatics right over the centerline of the runway. Considering how windy it was during the show, these guys really showed their piloting skills.

Dave Malcione Sr. brings his mighty Corsair in for a perfect landing in a stiff cross-wind.

Dave explains his warbird routine with one of the line bosses.

Ready and waiting with hydrolically-folded wings for another flight


Updated: September 11, 2012 — 3:59 PM

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