Concorde at Florida Jets!

Concorde at Florida Jets!

Nostalgia and the love for an iconic aircraft led Ali Machinchy to own and fly a model of the British Airways Concorde SST. The Concorde was actually the 2nd super-sonic passenger jet behind the soviet TU-144. Capable of Mach 2, the Concorde made short work of passenger flights across the Atlantic.

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Ali’s Concorde is a HM-Modelltechnik kit that even includes the droop nose that is required for the pilots to see the runway over the long nose when the aircraft is in landing configuration with the nose high to flare. The Concorde model is over 11 feet long with a 57-inch wingspan.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Concorde at Florida Jets!
Ali’s Concorde is powered by twin Kingtech K55 turbine engines and guided (of course!) by a Spektrum IX-20SE radio system with a 20 channel Powersafe receiver that utilizes all 20 channels.

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Concorde at Florida Jets!

Updated: April 6, 2023 — 7:29 AM


  1. Is this for Sale, what the Price and where do i get to look at it to see if i can buy it

    1. HM-modeltechnik . Com lists it for 3,000 euros, plus options

  2. That is a British Airway Concorde color scheme, not Air France.

  3. Even when I’ve seen bigger Concorde models, this one looks perfect and nicely evoque those unique Concorde perspectives

  4. Beautiful model of a magnificent aircraft

  5. As a retired commercial pilot, I was once able have a very rare experience. In the late 80s, I was flying A Shorts 330 from Baltimore to JFK for what we called the Concorde Connection. We parked at the British Airways gate and were handled by British agents. On this one flight, we were parked between a 747 and a Concorde which had just deplaned. The crew was still onboard. Since I had about an hour layover, I asked our agent if it was possible to look in the Concord. He happily said yes and took my copilot up the jetway to go aboard. We were almost at the door when the Flight Attendants came out. One of them said something to us in their English slang accent and I had no idea what she said. I asked her if she could speak English so I could understand her, just as the Captain came thru the door. He burst out laughing at my comment.
    After that, I was taken aboard and the ground engineer put me in the left seat and gave me a complete rundown of all of the controls and gages on the instrument panel. WOW! There was not one inch of clear space for one more switch or light. Did you know the exterior of the Concord expands about 9 inches at cruise do to the exterior heating? The interior is on a track and is attached at the rear of the fuselage. The space can be seen in flight at the rear of the cockpit bulkhead and cabin interior.

  6. Beautiful model of one of my most favorite aircraft ever. I have been waiting for decades for someone to come out with a more accessibly-sized EDF (twin 70 or 80mm) Concorde for the masses. Still waiting.

  7. Very nice and I too have been hoping for an 70/80mm foamy version — the Robbe version of years gone by obviously did not excite today’s manufactures to consider yet we have a B-1 — hardly iconic compared with the Concorde !

  8. Beautiful plane no doubt ! And what a precious glory for my country

    This plane made of 75% work of french team helped in a commercial deal a bit brutal includes British funds to grow up offering them the benefit of finished airplanes against engines made on french drawing and dev.

    But we are abthousiat and who care of old deals as long he could take the air.

    Russian copy it with all problems they can’t copy on vibrations Amboise and efficiency under supersonic altitude and subsonic handle.
    Their copy stopped very quickly commercial and became propagande tool
    Russian made astonishing planes and industrial products in lot of domain, in this one, we have beat them clearly.

    End of the era of Concorde was sad as the only crash in entire life including prototype and test flight was not due to anything wrong on it.
    He was 100% reliable and never known a single abort flight for technical reasons, it’s very very rare in aeronautical world.

    He made rotation essentially from US to France and US to UK. And some flights in other world part for french president travels where propagande serve a period Here France was a treat country and have a lot of advance in airworld.

    Military Dassault take a lot of ressources and techs study on the specific delta wing that only France use to the top on civil and military.

    Sad to see it now on ground, due to accident he can’t been cause of.
    And politicians and president at the moment clearly don’t have balls and love of country to defend a just reliable and financial stable plane in a period known to be only interested by huge benefit. Not just good.

    Good flight my friend Concorde.

    And to all readers of this excellent magazine, stay enthousiast !

  9. Yes,I agree. The accident was due to a blown tire that went through the wing tank which the engine ignited the fuel. I live in Kentucky, where Greater Cincinnati International Airport actually resides, and saw the Concorde land there. Though it wasn’t a great landing. It bounced, and looked as if it was going stall and crash. It was beautiful to watch its distinctive approach as it came in for the landing.

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