High-voltage battery analyzer

High-voltage battery analyzer
If you have a need for high rate battery testing of up to 160 amps or 500 watts, amplifier accessory is a must-have upgrade to the West Mountain Radio CBA analyzer. This laboratory battery test system costs a fraction of comparable lab equipment. It features 500 watt continuous discharge rates with a CBA. Designed for commercial or industrial use. Test a Lithium cell at up to 120 amps / 500 watts. Test a Nickel cell at 160 amps regulated down to .9 volts. Test batteries at or near their limits. Test at 10X current with a CBA amplifier in between a CBA and your battery. Perform tests quickly at or near destructive limits; up to 500 watts or 160 amps maximum, whichever is higher! High voltage testing at up to 48 volts; the equivalent of 1 to 38 NiCad or NiMh cells. Test any type of battery: NiCad, NiMH, Lead Acid, Li Ion, Li Poly, Alkaline, Carbon Zinc, Mercury etc; from coin cell to automotive or larger. Superior constant current testing ,electronically regulated amplification, using an amplifed six FET electronic load. Automatic fan operation whenever current is sensed from the CBA with a cool down cycle. May be left in line and switched off for normal CBA operation at lower discharge rates. Supplied with copper bus 5/16 bronze bolt battery connections and plug in Powerpole CBA connector. Discharge current with amplifier on 10 to 160 Amps.

DESCRIPTION A CBA alone is all a hobbyist would need to determine more than they would ever need to know about batteries. Virtually any battery’s capacity may be measured and compared. A CBA may be used to measure internal resistance of a pack and with simple calculations determine what the battery will do at high currents without taking a chance of damaging a pack, however commercial users and battery suppliers may need to test at high discharge rates. The CBA amplifier is an add-on accessory for a CBA designed primarily for commercial users or that must test smaller batteries at or near the destructive limits. It also may be used for testing large lead acid batteries used in power backup applications and for FAA aircraft battery test requirements. Competition modelers may wish to have and amplifier for high rate testing but it is not needed for the average modeler. The amplifier is a very simple in concept. It is a DC amplifier that connects to a CBA and amplifies and regulates discharge current of the CBA times 10. It increases the 100 watt continuous capability of the CBA to 500 watts! It will allow testing of a single nickel cell at 160 amps and regulate that current all the way down to .9 volts. A single Lithium cell may be tested at 120 amps! In lab or production use you will find the ease of use is a big time saver compared to complicated and expensive test equipment. For more information, go to West Mountain Radio

Updated: May 15, 2008 — 10:00 AM
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