Hirobo .90 TURBULENCE D3 Captures XFC Helicopter Championship

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MRC & Hirobo Ltd. are extremely excited to announce that Dominick Haegele, flying the “soon to be released” Hirobo

Turbulence D3, won the prestigious Futaba XFC helicopter championship that took place June 13, 14, 15 at the AMA flying field in Muncie, Indiana.

Hirobo concentrated on developing and competing in the F3C world, with many triumphs over the last 20-years. In 2007, due to many requests, they started a project to develop a .90 size machine wholly dedicated to 3D competition, and with a prototype won one of the most prestigious and popular 3D competitions, the 2007 3D Masters. Hirobo’s popular

Eagle series has been the top model for F3C, and we will introduce the Turbulence D3 line as the top machine for 3D. Hirobo wanted to develop a machine with the ultimate level of performance capability, so together with 3D Masters champion Dominick Haegele and other world-class 3D pilots from around the world, a new machine was born, solely aimed at competition or expert level 3D flight. Hirobo’s first target for this model was to develop a machine with the absolute latest 3D design technology, combined with affordable pricing, which could replace the Freya line. However, as development and testing progressed, they felt if they wanted to sit on top of 3D world as Hirobo does in F3C, then there should be no compromise on performance.

The Freya line will certainly continue, and will not be replaced by

Turbulence D3. The new Turbulence D3 will be the pinnacle of our 3D line of products and we will keep Freya line as it is. The excitement generated at MRC and throughout Hirobo Ltd with 3D Masters champion Dominick Haegele’s Turbulence D3 win at Muncie is overwhelming, considering it was Turbulence D3’s first competitive flight! Dominick will fly it again as defending Champion at the 2008 3D Masters competition.

Turbulence D3

is designed in Japan, made in Japan, with Japanese quality as usual, just like any other Hirobo helicopters. MRC and Hirobo deeply appreciate the many 3D pilots from the USA, Europe, and elsewhere, for their inputs and extensive testing over the past year. Hirobo’s customers asked for a helicopter that can dictate the definitive level of quality and pinnacle of performance for the 21st century. The entire RC helicopter world now knows it’s called Turbulence D3.

Updated: July 16, 2015 — 3:51 PM
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