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Hitec Energy Propel Integrated Power Systems

Hitec Energy Propel Integrated Power Systems

Looking for a set of motors for your quad? Check out these models that come with integrated speed controls. Here are all the details from Hitec: Hitec’s Energy Propel Motors with built-in speed controls are the epitome of convenience and function for all multirotor enthusiasts. Combining a high performance, efficient motor with a programmable ESC not only saves precious space and weight but makes installation a snap. Flashed with the popular BLHeli firmware which employs the Active Braking (damping light) feature for improved throttle responsiveness as well as the ONESHOT communication protocol for fast refresh rates, the Propel Motors will have your multirotor performing better than imagined. In addition, their simple wiring design eliminates the possibility of failure points. Bringing form and function together in a compact, lighter power kit is just what your hobby ordered!

Features –

  • Motor and ESC Combination Provides a Lightweight and Space-saving Alternative to Separate Components
  • High Performance, Efficient Motor
  • Programmable Speed Control
  • Updateable Firmware
  • BLHeli Featuring Active Braking/Damping Light
  • ONE SHOT Synchronization Protocol for Faster Communication Between the Flight Control and ESC
  • 35 and 41-size Motors Feature a Reversing Switch and Both Clockwise and Counter Clockwise Propeller Hubs
  • Simple Wiring Eliminates Failure Points
  • Backed by Hitec’s One Year Warranty

Hitec Energy Propel Integrated Power Systems (2)

EP 4108-40A – Clockwise/320KV Stock# 61095 – Counter Clockwise/320KV Stock# 61096 Clockwise/390KV Stock# 61097 – Counter Clockwise/390KV Stock# 61098 – $79.99
EP 3508-30A – Clockwise/400KV Stock# 61099 – Counter Clockwise/400KV Stock# 61100 Clockwise/680KV Stock# 61101 – Counter Clockwise/680KV Stock# 61102 – $79.99
EP 2204-18A – Clockwise/2300KV Stock# 61103 – Counter Clockwise/2300KV Stock# 61104 – $33.99
EP 2206-18A – Clockwise/2200KV Stock# 61105 – Counter Clockwise/2200KV Stock# 61106 – $35.99
EP 2208-18A – Clockwise/1800KV Stock# 61107 – Counter Clockwise/1800KV Stock# 61108 – $36.99
EP 2212-20A – Clockwise/1000KV Stock# 61109 – Counter Clockwise/1000KV Stock# 61110 – $38.99
EP 2216-20A – Clockwise/900KV Stock# 61111 – Counter Clockwise/900KV Stock# 61112 – $43.99
EP 1806-18A – Clockwise/2300KV Stock# 61113 – Counter Clockwise/2300KV Stock# 61114 – $39.99

Hitec Energy Propel Integrated Power Systems (1) Hitec Energy Propel Integrated Power Systems (5) Hitec Energy Propel Integrated Power Systems (4) Hitec Energy Propel Integrated Power Systems (3)

Updated: March 8, 2016 — 10:56 AM
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