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Hitec HS-900SGS and HS-1000SGT—Extreme Servos for Extreme Projects!

Hitec HS-900SGS and HS-1000SGT—Extreme Servos for Extreme Projects!

Redefining Ultra Heavy Duty, Giant Scale, Digital Servos

The extreme power and durability of the HS-900SGS and HS-1000SGT is astounding. Designed from the ground up for industrial applications, these servos are the perfect answer for demanding giant scale aircraft pilots and 1/5th scale buggy and truggy drivers. Featuring all aluminum, EMI-shielded cases, solid steel gears and non-programmable digital circuits, these servos can take a beating while delivering precise performance. Designed to operate on 3 and 4-cell LiPo batteries, the HS-900SGS provides swift speed while the HS-1000SGT brings hefty torque.



903 oz.-in. Torque/ 0.20 Speed (11.1 Volts)

1,208 oz.-in. Torque/ 0.15 Speed  (14.8 Volts)

Stock# 34900 Street Price: $424.99



1,167 oz.-in. Torque/ 0.26 Speed (11.1 Volts)

1,528 oz.-in. Torque/ 0.19 Speed (14.8 Volts)

Stock# 34100 Street Price: $424.99


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