Hitec Multiplex FunGlider RR

Hitec Multiplex FunGlider RR

From Hitec:
The Multiplex FunGlider RR is an agile, electric sport glider designed for uplifting weekend fun. Its robust ELAPOR® foam construction featuring M-Space technology and powerful brushless motor offer exciting aerobatic maneuvers as well as the thrilling challenge of slope and thermal soaring. Simply push the wings and tailplane into place and you are airborne-ready. The FunGlider RR will exhilarate and delight every sailplane pilot from advanced beginners to experts. Stay aloft with Multiplex!


  • Factory Assembled, 100% ELAPOR® Foam Airframe
  • High-Performance, Powerful Brushless Motor
  • Large Fuselage Hatch for Easy Battery Placement
  • Assembled 9″ x 6” Folding Propeller
  • Capable of 20 Minute Flight Times
  • Optional Landing Aid
  • Painted Canopy
  • Applied, Colorful Decals


Length: 31.49 in. (800mm)
Wingspan: 51.18 in. (1300mm)
Weight: 20.81 oz. (590g)

#M264273 – $179.99
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Hitec Multiplex FunGlider RR

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