Hitec Multiplex FunRay Kit & RR

Hitec Multiplex FunRay Kit & RR

From Hitec:
Welcome to a new era of Multiplex ELAPOR® foam models with the aerobatic master, the FunRay! With leading-edge M-Space technology for an ultra-durable fuselage and incredibly robust wings, featuring an innovative aluminum spar design, this soaring glider performs at the highest of heights with precise and skilled flight accuracy. Its extreme aerodynamic properties make the FunRay an impressive model, capable of chasing thermals and performing point rolls, loops and inverted spins. The impressive nature of the FunRay will attract hard-core glider enthusiasts as well as advanced aerobatic pilots. Serious FUN for the serious modeler!

KIT & RR Features:

  • Advanced Aerobatic Performance
  • Low Minimum Airspeed
  • Easy Handling
  • Easily Transportable with Two-Part Wing and Removable Rudder
  • Large Flaps for Effortless Landings
  • Robust, Leading-Edge Molded Plastic Wing Design
  • M-Space Technology for an Ultra Strong Fuselage
  • Innovative Aluminum Spar Technology for Stiff Wing Stability
  • Fly as a Pure Glider or With an Electric Power System
  • Unique, Eye-Catching Decal Package

Additional RR Features:

  • Pre-assembled ELAPOR® Airframe
  • ROXXY C35-48-990kv Brushless Outrunner Motor
  • ROXXY BL-Control 755 S-BEC Brushless Speed Control
  • Six Pre-Installed Hitec HS-65HB Servos
  • 11×7 Folding Propeller
  • Self-Adhesive Decal Package Included

Model Specifications:

Wingspan: 78.75 in. (1700mm)
Overall Length: 48.42 in. (1230mm)
All-up Weight: 63 oz. (1790g)
Control Functions: Aileron / Elevator / Rudder / Throttle / Flaps
Optional Control Functions: N/A
Flight Characteristics: Glider / Aerobatics
Target User: Intermediate / Advanced

#M214334 – FunRay KIT – $239.99
#M264334 – FunRay RR – $449.99
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Hitec Multiplex FunRay Kit & RR

Updated: January 23, 2018 — 10:35 AM
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